Under Pressure

It’s about the end of the month and I know a lot of you writers out there are feeling it. That deadline. It’s closing in on me pretty tight and swift. Funny how it comes gradually then suddenly.

Well here is an excellent song I am spinning just for you prisoners of deadline. It’s a redo of Queen and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure” by The Used and My Chemical Romance.

Now I like Queen and didn’t think any of their stuff should ever be messed with. This song however is actually better than the original and I’ve talked with some hardcore Queen fans who totally agree. What do you think? Oh and the video part is not important (unless you are an MCR or The Used fan like me), just want you to hear the song. Sit back, turn the speakers up and relaaaaaaax. Then go kick some deadline ass.

EDITED NOTE: To be fair, here’s Queen and David Bowie’s original “Under Pressure” (the video part of this one is important).


42 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. I like this song. Always did.

    Timely song [for me] – I actually took a day off today to work on the script – contest deadlines are fast approaching and stress has kicked in big time.

  2. It was really good, but it missed something, that something only Queen gives. When I listen to Queen I somehow feel involved in the music. This one was just good on the ears. I’ll ask the expert (Klaus) this evening.

  3. Michele, have a prolific “day off”

    Liv, believe it or not Klaus and I talked about this one a couple of years ago. He said he liked it. I don’t remember if he liked it better than the Queen version, but hearing him say it was “pretty good” was shocking because I knew he was a pretty big Queen fan.

  4. i’ll just rip off Rona and Monica … “i liked it didn’t love it.” i found the bass track muddled and the drum kick weak. that musical expertise is from someone who can play a radio.

  5. I liked this better then the original- now don’t throw stuff at you monitors or choke laughing…but I never was into that polished sound that was getting used back ‘ in the day’

    This version sounds raw and involved ( flaws and all ) and being that the song is about pressure I think the point was well made.

  6. I don’t know why, Kit, but after I heard “Under Pressure” in both versions and knowing where you come from with the deadlines and the pages and all that, I felt the urge to listen to “9 to 5”.

  7. I think I like the new one better because the tempo is faster and it has a punk edge. I “feel” the pressure a little more with this new one.
    Big difference between the ways they both sing “let me out!”

    At the end of both songs, there is a vocal “release” but Mercury and Bowie don’t really let it unwind like McCracken and Way do.

    Let me put it this way. Listening to Queen’s version, I feel like I’m wearing a frou-frou lace gown. The other? Ripped lace.

  8. No way, man, it’s not that. And I was waiting for someone to ask. I had heard the song before I knew much about Way.
    Course, you can guess who rips that lace now, huh?

  9. I just started this about a year ago. Pooks has been doing it for a while, and before she started blogging, she used to send me links to online journals that would make me laugh like crazy.
    But Max, you pioneered it with your “thoughts” essays on your websites. You’ve been doing that since the early internet days.
    It was way harder in those days, you had to build your own website, there was no easy WordPress to do it. You’ve always been well read, too.

  10. Oh yeah, Pooks knew all the best journals. I miss Xeney still that one was great.

    I had to be well read I was learning site stuff and the only way to do that was go out and study other stes so I did that a lot. It was not so much the sites I was reading though it was their source code.

  11. It was Pamie’s blog I was always begging Pooks to resend the link.

    Me: Pooks, my hard drive crashed and i lost my links. Who’s that chick again who used a back scratcher to high five and hand the pizza man his cash?

    Pooks: Austin chick?

    Me: Yeah, that funny funny girl.

    Pooks: That’s Pammie.

    And of course that’s how I met you and Toni. That Pooks rocks. She’s an info node. A fantastical filter, she says something’s good, I go see. She knows everything or at least how to find it.

    You realize I’m doing my tagging in a weird way, huh? One way to tag those who have already been tagged.

  12. Kitty, Pooks can get tagged more than once. You mention the person who tagged you and so it’s not worth tagging t hem again, that is why basically there is NO tag backs but there is not rule that says you can only tag those who have never been tagged before.

  13. Kitty, I think it’s so interesting how meeting one person on line and then another and then your run back into the same people. I have always found it very ironic that I met Max through you and you through holidailies and I did holidalies and namblopomo as did Pooks but actually met her through posting a blog crush on( the married and it’s strickly a net thing) Rob Browne’s blog and then finding you and max commenting over on Pooks blog already ….. it was hilarious and kind of confusing at first. To think I had just made my blog in order to leave a comment on some guys blog that I had promised to visit after meeting him on the free trial at eharmony! LOL Well, at least the blogging part worked out pretty well.

  14. Pooks and I met on an electronic bulletin board. We were the bad girls of the genie.geis.com screenwriting forums so to try to corral us the powers that be put us in charge — under the mistaken impression “responsibility” would bring about… something.

    The poor fools.

  15. Pooks, you’ve got to link Xeney. I’m all curious now.

    Max, I’ve heard some great stories about that group. It sounds fascinating and you two should definately do a blog post on that some day.

    Jennifer, Pooks knows everybody. Everybody. LOL. Now you be careful meeting guys on those dating websites.

  16. Gosh I love this song, both versions, I love all three bands, but the MCR and The Used version, is better, I think. Do you mind if I go and put this on my page?

  17. Oh it’s just you, LOL. I totally get it, and hey, Emopants is a young writer.

    We totally have to roll out the red carpet for her/him, Max.

    Emo, Max has written some movies you may have seen.

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