Spanky’s Dear Dear Soul

I’m talking with Sweetpea about next year’s classes. She asks about Spanky’s schedule. She is a little older than Spanky, a seasoned teen. The convo goes like this:

Sweetpea: Did Spanky sign up for advanced classes?

Me: Yeah.

Sweetpea: How many?

Me: All of them.

Sweetpea: And you signed the papers?

Me: That’s what she wanted.

Sweetpea: (dramatic) You just signed her soul over to the school.


13 thoughts on “Spanky’s Dear Dear Soul

  1. LOL so hard it hurts!!! Explain this for me please. Children in some countries are too poor to go to school, yet they want nothing more than school. Our children gets to go to the very best schools, they think we’re sending them as a punishment . Is it because we feed them?

  2. She’s right though, the school will own her soul. That’s how Spanky likes it, though. I know to look for stress and if it is just too much, she’ll have to scale back.

    That same day Spanky said something about what Sweetpea does with her time, I wish I’d written it down, it was just as funny as this little convo, just different. Would have been a perfect accompaniment here because it would have shown how differerent they are but how they really do have each other’s back.

  3. I liked school, I liked learning, what I really enjoyed was doing well because I was tagged a ‘loser’- you know nowdays it’s cool to wear a leather jacket and black eyeliner ( I was SUCH a Joan Jett Clone back then ) but back then?

    It was all about the Neons and MTV.

    …I use to like to show up for award day looking like a total punk- it was so worth it.

  4. I would love to have seen that, Anita Marie. My friend and I listened to punk music, but that was behind closed doors. We all looked like preps. Small town you know.

  5. I have a good friend who works in the school system. I was pushing K to do all those advanced classes. She told me not to, it really didn’t make any difference as to what college you got in and just induces stress (basically just a lot of extra memorization and work and no real learning of how to think). Just busy work, she told me.

    But if your kid WANTS to, then power to her I say. Count yourself lucky. It’s not at all the worst problem you could have I can tell you.

  6. Your daughter did go to the gifted school, though, right? Smart kid you have, CFO. She and Spanky are a lot alike from what you have told me about her.

    Yeah, Spanky does want to do it and I talked to her a lot about it before she made the decision to take that path. I’ll keep an eye out for stress. I know the schools here have had some problems with that.

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