Wireless Internet Psych Job

My better half is an engineer and kept telling me my choppy wireless connection was a “user problem.”

Well I knew that. I was the user and having problems, no? Wait, no, he said I was causing the problems. Or that my snobby ass Mac was causing it. His pc was working just fine with the wireless. Well, I’m not the type to ride his back to fix the damn thing or to even complain very much. So this dragged on for months.

Finally, this week the kids told him they have been jacking wireless from one of the neighbors. Can’t be my Mac. Can’t be me. It has to be the box. That jury rigged box that…

I have no idea why he could always play his online video games without interruption or why he never experienced problems with the internet superhighway while the rest of us were stalled on an internet gravel road. He does know because he just fixed it. He tried to explain it with his engineer brain while my poor pitiful flowers and rainbows mind just wondered Is it going to keep working? Just fucking tell me, is it going to keep working?

If it ain’t, here’s my plan. Find the neighbor with the wireless signal that is all over my house. Pay half their internet bill. Never discuss internet with hubby again. Oh, yeah, yeah, find internet boyfriend who will explain wireless connections in flower and rainbow language. Okay, just kidding on that last one.

This reminds me of when people go to the doctor with a headache or stomach ache and after a slew of tests, the doctor can’t find anything so he hands the patient the number to a psychiatrist. They do that don’t they?

My internet sure is working withlistener-679452-876268.jpg that new wireless hub. And it’s fast. See ya on the internets. If you can catch me.


17 thoughts on “Wireless Internet Psych Job

  1. I did have a fast computer, then it blew itself up. Now my neighbour gave me an old slow one ( a bit like me) Now I click, go to the toilet, make a coffee or whatever, and there it is when I get back to it. I can get anywhere in the world in the time it takes me to pee. It’s not bad going really, but then I can remember the times when few people had phones and tvs. (don’t ask me what I did yesterday) Neighbours would turn up at our house for important events to see it on a black & white tv, or if they needed to call a doctor. Now I feel like an dinosaur because I won’t have a mobile phone. What are answering machines for if it’s not freedom from the phone?

  2. You could try one of those little electric ankle bracelets. Tell her is it jewelry and put some pretty rhinestones on it. Then plug that baby’s signal into a satellite homing signal. No more unchaperoned rambling for Mom.

  3. I will have you usurper delicate flowers know I was the original delicate flower before Mildred the Drunken psychic told AJ that AJ was a delicate flower and AJ ran with it.


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