There’s no place like a hair salon to study character. Okay laundromats beat all. I’ll tell you about that another time.

The girls and I went to the hair salon yesterday. An upscale one. It was a long appointment as we were getting highlights, so I brought some script pages to review while waiting for the colors to set. Sitting still doing nothing is torture.

I didn’t feel like reading though, I decided to just take in the beauty shop talk and sights around me. One client, about 20 kept fluffing her hair, it was done, but she wan’t so sure it was “just right.” It looked just perfect to me, it wasn’t going to get any better, but she seemed unhappy and wouldn’t leave the chair.

A guy who fit in perfectly with the ladies wanted his hair dyed “dark, but not black.” After they were done with him, he thought it might be too dark. Said he’d have to stay for a while and see if it would “grow on him.” If not they would work on the color some more.

One lady was telling the stylist exactly what strands of hair to cut, and where. It was amazing, would have been easier for the both of them had the woman just cut her own hair.

So at the checkout, there is a blonde airhead chick and a goth-punk guy with snake bites (lip piercings). Both hairdressers. As the blonde chick adds up our total (I know, the horror), the punk notices Spanky’s book on the counter, an Edgar Allen Poe collection. He reaches for it but when he notices the chewed up binding, his hand snaps back. I tell him, “It’s okay, my daughter chewed on it.” He smiles and grabs the book.

I lied to him. My dog did that. But he liked my story better.


Then he tells us how he loves Poe, that he used to teach literature and drama.

The blonde chick, sensing she should definately get into this convo says, “Oh, I love that story of his about that…I think it was a bird or something.” And then, the self destructive, “Oh, yeah, I know all about Poe, I love him.”

Well, Spanky is not too patient with airheads. She looks at the blonde and says, “Oh, yeah, well then you know that when he was 36 26 he married a 12 year old.”

The woman’s jaw just dropped.

Spanky adds, “And she was his cousin.”

The blonde didn’t say another word for a while. Then finally she says, “Artists have a real hard time communicting properly with the rest of us.”

Us… As in she who sayeth not “the raven,” but “a bird,” plus Spanky and Sweetpea and I. Equals Us.

It is the highlights.



P.S. There is nothing wrong with being blonde, but if you claim to be an expert on something around my Spanky, she will call you on it.


13 thoughts on “Nevermore

  1. I worked with a College Student who was studying political science- she use to come down and ask me about Politics and like a chowderhead it’s only after a couple of these conversations that I realize I’m probably doing her homework FOR HER.

    So one day I’m ranting about Dick Cheyney and she- the College Girl- the political science major- the beautiful but brainy girl who’d probably never had to open a door for herself or ever had to change her own flat tire because who could drive by a woman who looks like Christie Brinkley in need of help?

    Anyway, I kid you not- she turns to me and says, ” Who is he? ”

    My story ends there because at that point my brains exploded.

  2. Uh oh, I showed Spanky this post and she said, “I did not say Poe was 36, I said 26.”
    My bad. (now she’s worried about looking stupid on my blog, as if.)

    Anita Marie, how could anyone not know who the devil is?

    Pooks, being a redhead was fun but just too hard to maintain.

    Liv, Spanky read her first book at your house. Oh, and Kara lost one of her first teeth somewhere in your house, we never found it.

  3. Whoops, neither did I. (find the tooth, I mean.) I did find a 50 pence coin under the sofa a while back. Could be from the tooth fairy who did find find it.

  4. How could someone ( A political science major ) not know who the Devil ( Dick Cheney )is?

    In this case Kitty, the person had really big breasts and her parents are rich.

    I figure one of two of those attributes gives you a ‘ get out of reality ‘ pass. Both entitle the owner of said card to dwell on Mount Olympus with the other Gods.

  5. Posers. they are everywhere.

    My favs are the workout wanna bes.

    I don’t know what it is about me, people start telling me within 5 minutes of how they are going to start working out, or they are doing this diet or that…

    Yeah, right, whatever 🙂 Whatever it is, DO IT, don’t talk about it.

    I read 50 plus books a year, and not 1 week after I finish one can’t tell you ONE thing about it almost cause I am SOOO deep in the next one. So I probably couldn’t converse properly about Poe, either. Too busy with the next thing and too ADD to remember the last thing I did!!

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