Five Things You Don’t Know About Me And Probably Don’t Care

Okay, I never do these, but this is the second or third time Pooks tags me, I’m shamed into doing this one.

1. I rarely drink alcohol.

2. My husband saw me throw some kitchen knives once into our wooden fence and was so impressed he bought me a set of real throwing knives for our anniversary. (Good thing I don’t like alcohol)

3. I was a child beauty queen. Twice. Not the Jon Benet type, the southern festival kind.

4. I am always running into celebs in the strangest places. Yesterday I ran across Ray Nagin in a Starbucks near Dallas and talked to him for a while. (He was the mayor of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, still is the mayor.)

5. As a teenager, a friend and I were out egging houses at about 2 AM. On foot. We got busted, but first we outran the cops for about two hours. They caught my friend so I had to turn myself in (The cops were hollering my name over a damn loudspeaker.)

I tag Max and Anita Marie.

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13 thoughts on “Five Things You Don’t Know About Me And Probably Don’t Care

  1. Kitty!!! I never knew you had a criminal past.
    I do hope Blane never has cause to regret his trust in you. Those knife throwing skills could prove painful. Well aimed, he wouldn’t be able to sit down for a good while.

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  3. Does Ray Nagin live here now? I know lots of people were claiming he moved to Dallas after Katrina and were pretty miffed about it. I thought he was still mayor? That is so cool!

    I never egged — we just toilet papered and boy, did that grow into a cottage industry by the time we were seniors in high school. But while one of my friends almost had a heart attack (she had a “condition”) during one of our escapades, I can’t imagine having my name hollered over a loud speaker!

  4. Here You Go Kitty-

    I did that thinking blogger award
    and I gave one to you and Max and do you know what’s funny?

    Right now my blog is being visited by Creative Writing Students from Junior High Schools and High Schools from the States and Australia and if you clicked Max’s link you saw her offer to sell kids drugs.

    So I’m putting off the award thing for now….I mean, when I get done laughing I may put it up.

    Anyway here’s my 5 … gads I’m such a dweeb.

    1. I got kicked out of ballet class for using bad language- the teacher told me I needed to be more lady like and all I could think to say was, ” I’m glad my boobs are bigger then yours.”

    2. I don’t watch much TV because I hate commercials- so I have to read magazines like People so I’ll know what’s going on in the world.

    3. When I was in high-school I changed all the locker combinations in the Senior Hall.

    4. When people ask me what time it is I lie and just toss something out ( HELLO! I DON’T WEAR A WATCH- is the world FULL of people who don’t pay attention to details?)

    5. I collect Pez Guns…I’m a Pez Gun Fanatic….I think the people who created them deserve a Major Award for making the world a better place.

  5. Oh yeah, Liv, I’m baaaaad. Can I still hang out at your house?

    Max, you are double grounded.

    Oh yeah, Pooks, they were saying, “Kitty (bleep), come out of those woods. We have your friend.” This was down a quiet neighborhood street at about 4 AM. My poor friend, her mom swatted her with a bicycle tube when she got home.

    Nagin’s wife and kid(s) live here. I guess he spends weekends in Dallas.

    Anita Marie, you crack me up. Hey you know Ebay was started by a guy for his girlfriend to trade Pez dispensers. Hope you photo your collection and show us one day.
    Oh, and I didn’t know you gave me a Thinking Blogger Award. Thanks!

  6. LOL — you know the few times I have been in the top blog zone, I have had inappropriate language or statements on the blog that, um, got me cut.

    Oh the humanity.

    Anita those are hillarious.

    Thank you for the thinking blogger award.

  7. Of course you can still hang out at my house, any time, but now that I know about your wayward past I’ll be hiding the eggs.

  8. That was pretty much the end of it, AJ. Scared the hell out of me.

    LOL, Liv. All I can think of when you mention eggs is that place by Bury St. Edmonds that we drove out to get some fresh eggs because you wouldn’t dare serve us grocery store ones.

    Thanks Anita, I saw the award. Sweet!

    Max, I didn’t know they take you cut you for bad language. Shit.

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