Fourteen Years Ago Today

A doctor slapped a behind and said, “It’s a girl.”
The dad said, “She is so cute, it makes you want to spank her with your lips.”
So she got the name, “Spanky.”
The mom said, “She puts an exclamation mark at the end of this family.”
A clown was born.

Happy Birthday Spanky!


19 thoughts on “Fourteen Years Ago Today

  1. What a cute picture, and story behind the name. (you probably already told me, but with my severe lack of memory, so many old stories are brand new to me)
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPANKY!! from auntie Liv. Coburn says Woff, woff.

  2. Happy Birthday Spanky! How cute sweet. I wanted to have a little girl. I bought my niece so much pink stuff she thinks it my job. It’ s pink you have to buy it for me. ; )

  3. hi Kitty, I have never met any of your kids except the oldest one, a boy. i remember at your mother’s house one summer you were visting . Little Blane, if i remember right. That was so long ago I think you don’t remember, but i was the little blonde that tagged along with Shane and Paula. God love them, they sure loved me. I hope Spanky has a lovely Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPANKY. Hope to meet you one day.

  4. Oh, yes I do remember you. I’ve been meaning to tell you that since I got your email.

    Spanky says thanks for all the birthday wishes. She also says I shouldn’t be broadcasting how old she is. LOL. In fact, she deleted one of my comments from her blog today because it said something about her being in school.

    I got deleted on Spankys blog! Well, like I say, you aren’t a hardcore blogger until you’ve been deleted.

  5. Thanks Pooks. She doesn’t claim to be any age on her blog, I had written something on there about her being in school and she was paranoid some freak would go there and see she was a school kid. I guess I preach too much to them about internet safety.

  6. I’ll be damned. My momma commenting on my blog for the first time.
    [This cracks me up! I just can’t picture my mother on the internet.]
    Thanks, ma! (And thanks Ann, for letting my mom take your computer for a spin).

    And watch out world, next thing you know my mamma will start a blog. She tells the wildest stories in the world, most of them true.

  7. Happy belated Birthday to Spanky, Kit. Give her a hug and a kiss for me… not that you stand any chances she will let you, but what the heck!

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