Pimp My Hair

First, a couple of photos of recent animals Blane and Angela adopted. Pipsqueak is a miniature chihuaha. Tiny!

Check out the Doggles.

And here is the horse, I forget his name, but he is a retired racehorse. Gigantic!

Check out that ponytail. Not on the horse, on Angela. She’s cutting it next week. I told her (and Blane) she could sell it. Here’s the convo:

Me: Oh, yeah, a friend of mine got $2500 for her hair.

Blane Jr: (ears perk up) Oh yeah?

Angela: I’m going to donate it to…

Blane Jr. (laughing): No you not, I’m starting a hair farm.

Angela: You gonna be my hair pimp.

Blane Jr. (playfully grabs Angela by the hair, talks in a gruff voice): Where you been ho? You… You trim some of dat hair off?

All joking aside, she is planning on donating the hair to that group that makes wigs for people with cancer. I have a cousin, Tracy who donated hers last year to a group called Locks of Love. Anyway, I think that’s a pretty cool thing to do, especially when she could sell it for some major lettuce.


14 thoughts on “Pimp My Hair

  1. When my sister lost her hair ( chemo and radiation ‘treatment’ ) I was going to cut my hair so we could get make her a human hair wig- plus our hair color is almost the same color and she’s always liked my hair anyway… and my hair was reallllyyyy lllonnngggg then we found out how much it would cost and I just about choked.

    She went bald and she happened to look very cool- plus in some parts of Seattle bald women aren’t unusual so she didn’t really stand out.

    It looks like Pipsqeak knows he landed on all four feet!

  2. Dash has doggles for when she is in the back of the pickup. Hers a hot pink and tinted. She used to hate em but it is better than a rock or something from the road hitting her eyes.

  3. Anita Marie, that was kind of you to offer your hair to your sister.

    Y’all, when I tell you this pup is spoiled, man… When I dogsit, she has to be held all the time or she will howl like she got cut or something. I never heard a dog scream like that before, LOL.

  4. It is not humiliating enough you have a photo of her with a bandaid on her head, now you are asking me to out her publicly in the pink goggles.

  5. I had a red chihuahua named Pitti-Pat. I will never stop missing her. I still dream about her. She went through my teen years with me, and helped raise my oldest son before she left us. She’s the only true red chihuahua I’ve ever seen. Pipsqueak is a doll, and those sunglasses are tres very chic!

  6. Awwww Pooks, Pitti-Pat (LOL, you can’t smack me for laughing here) was a chihuaha? I didn’t know that. I hope you write a post on how you got Jake, the cheeseburger, and how he got his name. Tell the story Pooks.

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