Wow, what is this all about?

These ladies are waiting in line to have their Bobbie Faye book signed by author Toni McGee Causey. She made a special appearance at Shecky’s Ladies Night Out in Dallas. All evening, the line was long and the girls excited.

So was Toni. She sure knows how to work a crowd.

She’s friendly and talkative and the ladies just loved her. It was a spectacular event and it was just great seeing Toni.

P.S. Toni has bookplates in case you can’t make it to a signing and have the book. Check out Toni’s site and send her an email. Don’t forget to sign up there for her newsletter and you may win something.


5 thoughts on “Frenzy

  1. It was fabulous! The line just went on and on and on. A writer’s dream come true! (Well, if her hand ever relaxes out of its permanent cramp….)

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