Postcards From Home

I don’t know if I can actually call this place I grew up “home.” I do, but it doesn’t feel like it anymore, hasn’t for many years. Nothing really feels like home for me.

What a surprise, as soon as I drove up to my Mom’s, an Amtrak train passed. The 15 years I lived in that house by the tracks I only saw one passenger train pass there.

I always loved watching these guys scrape the gravel road in front of the house. I’ll be damned if they didn’t scrape while I was there. I couldn’t help but watch the entire time. I wanted to get in that thing and scrape that road myself. I want one of these things. LOL.

I couldn’t believe it either. The guys from the jail are back in stripes! They have them fixing roads and doing landscape. Hey, if I were to go to jail, I’d definately go for the vintage prison look.

Here is a cute sign near a nursing home. Remember those old “children crossing” signs? They have grown up on us.

I have no idea what this is. A welder lived there and made these. Reminds me of that bone cage in “Pirates of the Carribean II.”

Went out to the place where they make tombstones and the man who makes them showed me how he does it. First he makes a template out of a rubber sheet and then applies it to the granite. Then he sandblasts it and that is how it gets engraved. He then sprays the engraving with black paint.

Here’s an angel I’m having him put on my brother’s tombstone.

This is a crazy messed up photo, but I like it anyway.


30 thoughts on “Postcards From Home

  1. I always thought that those jail clothes with the black stripes are a myth. Their only disadvantage is that the stripes are horizontal, thus they make you look bigger. The stripes should definitely be vertical. Definitely.

    On a more serious note, I love the angel. I wanted to have one similar to that for my dad, but my mom objected (and guess who won). It’s beautiful.

  2. LOL, Max! I can see it too.

    Hey Sophia, maybe you can get a vase with the angel on it and add it to the grave. Actually, the angel engraving is going on a vase that is attached to the tombstone. I’ll get some photos of the old graveyard and show you what I mean.

    It’s a beautiful old graveyard where they are buried, has moss covered trees. In Louisiana they bury people partially above ground. So, there is this big sheet of cement or granite that you see, about 8 foot long by 4 foot across on top of the grave and you can put a lot of things on there.

  3. Kitty the train Pic. is really cool. The gravel grader means dust in the air to us track folks. ;( . The Angel fits Pumpkin to the T.

  4. Kitty, sure Pumpkin would love the tattoo. The cool north breeze carries our way, the lonesome train sounds. It is a constant reminder of your family . You all will be in our hearts forever.

  5. The best pictures tell stories aren’t always memory shots- they tell stories.

    Theses were great stories Kitty, I felt like I spen the day with you…

    Anita Marie

  6. Ann, my mom is having Ann and Billy withdrawals. Hope that new pup is still doing well.

    Anita Marie, great to have you along, girlfriend. I’m in good company with you.

  7. Vintage prison apparel, the state could make money selling it online. Great for slumber parties. yep, I still do slumber parties. I am not home now.

    I can’t believe you are doing a tombstone. I am just curious, I know you moved a grave and now is everyone together? One thing I know is you now have a team of angels watching over you.

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  9. Hey Jenifer, yeah, everyone is together. Ironically, Pumpkin (Lorne) was the one who objected about moving the grave. Good thing it happened, it is the only way they could be buried together. Mom says Pumpkin never knew that the grave had been moved.

    That’s a good idea, prison pjs. You should sell them! Might get rich quick. Or end up in jail if you happen to run out to fetch the mail in your pjs.

  10. They do that to even out the bumps and fill in the holes. Then they come back over with a dumptruck full of gravel, spill that on the road and smooth it all down. Makes the gravel road brand new again.

  11. Kitty’s mom do you really miss us. I don’t beleive it. Grizz is great. Except he only loves Billy. A man and his dog, what you gonna do?

  12. Loved the photos from home. It was like from a long forgotten world. I could actually hear the train rumbeling by and the sound of someone playing the blues on a harmonica. Am I just being romantic? Also loved the prison outfit. I didn’t think they had them in real life.
    The angel is just such a beautiful touch.

  13. All the photos are wonderful. Anita Marie’s comment about telling a story is very apt and totally appropriate here. Lovely images. A sad, lingering day.

    I think, though, I was most struck by your opening idea about what it means to have a home, that you don’t really feel like you have one anymore… I know that feeling so well…

    I don’t know what it’s like for you but for me it’s a freedom and an ache…

    Those prison outfits are, indeed, surreal.

  14. It’s funny, I was just looking back at the photos and I realized I had melded two of the pictures in my mind: The one you call the messed up photo of the girl’s legs and the angel… They had joined up to just become “the angel” …

    Yeah, being rootless has definite pros and cons. I tend, now, to consider home wherever there is someone I love. Montreal is “a” home because my oldest friend is there. Vancouver is “a” home because most of my immediate family is there. Where I am now is home because my other half and my son are here… But, it’s not the same thing as a genuine sense of place…

    I’ve known people with that powerful sense of “place” as home and it’s a bit awestriking to encounter. I’m remembering a man from South Africa in particular…

  15. I really wish you were in Paris right now Kitty! Watch the video on my blog it might make you feel a little bit of Paris. Plus I should know if its terribly inapropriate. : ) I like the way it sound and especially the way it looks but I have no idea what she is saying.

  16. That’s cool. Paris is gorgeous. The energy there – out of the touristy spots – is great. Though, post-London I’m kind of burnt out on bigger cities. My friend lives in The Hague and I actually really love it there. The bicycles are so civilized and the city is actually pretty quiet most of the time considering the population density. Plus it’s near this incredible beach that is one of my “happy places”… It’s not “home” though..

    If Paris feels like “home” to you then you probably will live there eventually. That feeling is a powerful draw. It can shape a life I think…

  17. “It can shape a life I think…”
    Nice way to put it, Sulya. Yeah, I do like to stay out of the touristy spots, except for the museums, have to hit some of those every trip. I could live in The Louvre.

    I’m going soon, Jennifer, soon. Ahhh.

  18. I have been away from here a long while. My loss! What a beautiful, visual journey you’ve posted here! I vow to be less ghost and more 3-dimensional here in cyberspace. Working on it as we speak.

    • No worries Jules, I haven’t written much here in the last year or two, but I’m planning on being less of a ghost here as well. Thanks for visiting.

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