I Didn’t Do It

Out at the tombstone man’s place, while he was writing up the order, I asked if I could go out and take some photos. He said, “I know what you are going to take a picture of, that Sinclair sign.”

He said he’s had countless people offer him good money for that sign.

So I made sure to take a photo, but really, I wanted to take photos of the molds he had for burial vaults (he makes those too).

Yesterday he called and asked if I got a photo of it because someone knocked down the pole and stole the sign. Today a detective called me and asked if I could email that photo to him. Evidence.

My mom asked if I thought they thought we stole it. LOL. It hadn’t crossed my mind.

Anyway, this was a nice old dude and he was just heartbroken about that sign. It’s how he gives directions to get to his place, “Look for the old Sinclair sign.”

It’s sort of ironic, this man who makes so many markers for people no longer has his marker. Anyway, this happened near Lawtell, Louisiana and if you are from that area and know anything about this, let me know and I’ll forward the info to the detective. It would be cool to crack the case.

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6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Do It

  1. Detective Kitty’s on the case. Hope to God the sign’s found. What nasty people would do that? Good thing you took the photo. He should make a new one and write under it: “If you know who stole the original, call…..”

  2. Actually he should just hang up a sign that says ” Wanted Info On Stolen Sign ”

    And then he should offer a free grave marker as a reward…every Goth Kid from one side of the Country will be looking for that thing.

    People really are heartless- but I’m sure that somewhere a little just reward is waiting for the person who stole something from a Tombstone Carver.

    At least I HOPE so.

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