Smothered Chicken (AKA Sticky Chicken) Recipe

This is a good old Southern recipe I made this week and would like to share with y’all.

Gather up:
1 onion
1 bell pepper
stalk of celery
couple of cloves of garlic
2 tbsp butter or olive oil
one chicken
salt and pepper (or Tony’s Seasoning)
1-2 tbsp Kitchen Bouquet
cup of water
steamed rice

Chop the veggies and sautee in the butter or oil on medium-low flame until translucent. Put aside in a bowl.

Season chicken pieces and brown on medium to high fire.

Once browned add some Kitchen Bouquet (hope you can find it in your store) to a cup or two of water and add that to the pot of chicken.

Pour the sauteed veggies on top of the chicken.

And here is where you “smother” it. Put the lid on and cook for 35 minutes on a medium-low fire. Stir a few times. I like to leave a little crack in the lid. My mom puts the lid on her’s tight. Which means someone else must have taught me how to cook this. I think Shane showed me how to make it. One time he put green food coloring in the pot and he cackled when the chicken turned green.

Serve over steamed rice and call yourself a Southern cook.

Some people call this sticky chicken because the chicken feels a little sticky on the outside once cooked. You can smother rabbit and other game… Vegetables such as okra or green beans are delicious smothered. Some people smother corn.

Home cookin’ darlin’. That’s what this is. Next time I’ll show you how to make gumbo.


26 thoughts on “Smothered Chicken (AKA Sticky Chicken) Recipe

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  2. Kitty
    Well it looks like I know what I’m making for dinner tonight!
    Throw a little soy sauce (instead of the browing and seasoning sauce ) and you’d have yourself some Chicken Adobo ( a filipino dish ) and it does have that sticky feel to it.

    Can’t wait to see how you make Gumbo!

    Have a great weekend Kitty
    Anita Marie

  3. Hey Anita, Kitchen Bouquet does look like soy sauce but it has a caramel-like flavor. That’s good to know I can just change out the sauce and make a Filipino dish. I once had a friend from there and man, that girl could cook!

  4. Just to add a another little secret to thicken your gravy add a liitle corn starch mixed with water to your gravy while it is cooking.

  5. The food looks grand but, I have to say, I am mostly admiring that gorgeous blue pot.

    What a colour.

    I swear. Cooking is more fun and food tastes better from sexy cookware.

  6. Kit, what exactly is Kitchen Bouquet? I may be able to find something just about the same here (cause that I know we definitely do not have). I’m certainly making this (I’m already salivating, damn you!!).

  7. Hi Kitty, we can tell your mother is visting you now, you are bringing out the cajun recipes. That recipe is figure licking good. I don’t know if you ever heard of this tradition, but hope you can have one. Texas tradition is you have a big, juicy and messy hot dog on this special weekend. Hope you all have a good and nice Memorial weekend.

  8. AJ, I’m surprised. I guess you won’t go for the armadillo soup? (kidding, I don’t eat that.)

    AFR, I was in Louisiana this weekend stuffing my face with oyster po-boys from Joe’s.

    Soph, I’m not sure what Kitchen Bouquet is exactly. It is a browning sauce, much like soy sauce but a little thicker and it has more of a caramel flavor.

    Anita Marie, get better soon, wish I could send you some, it would cure that cold fo’ sho’.

    Michele, it is not that spicy. You can just use salt and pepper to taste instead of the Tony’s seasoning.

    Denise, I’ve never had to use corn starch for sticky chicken, maybe the Kitchen Bouquet helps with that? I’m thinking about that photo of that wild hog your hubby showed us. Now, what would us Cajuns do with a 1000 pound hog?

  9. Kitty, I remember when me and Paula used to work at Sally’s together, that was one of her favorite places to eat. She loved Joe’s shrimp po-boys. I just loved their hamburgers. Never tried anything else. But that’s been 20 years ago. So Kitty when I go back to La. , I will think about stopping a Joe’s and try something different. I actually forgot about their good food. Thanks

  10. Kitty I have been living in Texas for about 9 years now. My husband’s job transferred here. I was kind of sad at first leaving my home town, but after awhile living in Texas meeting new people was good for me. I was always needed in my family. and I know you know what I am talking about with alchol and drugs. It was the best move for me. I don’t worry as much. When you see it you worry and can’t do anything about it but pray. Yes I difinently get the boundin every time I go and cracklins. I have to bring my husband some back everytime I go or don’t come home. Oh and also I always look forward for my Mother’s gumbo. She says she has some seafood gumbo in the freezer for me. I can’t wait. Mother’s are special are they.

  11. afr, you have got to learn how to cook some gumbo, girl.

    Yeah, it was sad leaving home, my husband got a transfer here too and it has been a good thing as far as getting my kids educated. Things weren’t bad when I left. They got bad through the years.

  12. Sulya, sorry I missed your comment (#5), I fished it out of my spam folder.
    Yeah, that blue pot is my favorite. Very heavy and French. Makes everything taste better.

  13. I cooked the Sticky Chicken for Kitty, her girls and my son. Everyone enjoyed it. I’ll be cooking it again…………and again etc. Very tasty!!!

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  15. I just made a version of this tonight and it turned out very well.

    I browned chicken, I used olive oil, black pepper, garlic, dried onions, a couple of pieces of chopped bacon and then added green beans and kidney beans over top of everything with a generous addition of dried parsley and some more pepper. Was this ever good on a night in front of the wood stove, with some tea, during an ice storm.

    I can’t wait to try a couple of variations.

  16. Important update!

    I just tried this with pork chops. It worked unbelievably well.

    Here is the variation

    pork chops (with bones)
    3 large cloves of chopped garlic
    olive oil
    green beans
    small red onion chopped up into not too small pieces
    black pepper
    a little salt
    kitchen bouquet.

  17. My people come from other parts of the French speaking world, but I suppose it is in our blood to create fantastic cuisine.

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