Already Exhausted (and haven’t even left yet)

I’ve got a good bit of my upcoming trip planned. I hate planning, would rather just stumble upon places to go and things to do, but my family doesn’t tolerate this too well and it is not a good time for all the unknowns. I’m exhausted from all this and haven’t even left the house yet.

I can drive in England, a stick at that. The brain adjusts quickly, it is just a mirror image of driving here. No big deal. Still, I did do this a couple of years ago. Rear ended someone. So I think I’ll be a sissy and get an automatic shift this time.

You’d never see this here. It’s funny seeing things like this. (It is a bit over the top, aye?)

My friend Liv has a green thumb and a warm heart. Will go see her and her beautiful gardens and chill for a few days. I’m restless though, can’t stay in one place too long.

So we’ll do London for a few days. I do not like driving in London. I got stuck in the city once while driving through. It was like being a rat in a maze with no end. Took me three hours to get out of there and this was at night with little traffic. And a stick shift.

Bet you thought the Eiffel Tower was black. In fact, every few years they change the color. I found this out from my friend in Paris. I had just painted my fence and she asked what color. I told her it was called “Eiffel Tower.”
She said, “But Keetty, it shanges colors all ze time.” I love her accent in English. I especially like the way she pronounces the “h” in “hour.”

That is a house she owns near Paris. My favorite place in the world, that house. It is right on the River Marne and although she says we are too good of friends to charge me, I hide money in there for her because if I am there, it means she is not leasing it out to someone else and is losing money. We are staying there for a week. A long time for us to stay in one place. It is not difficult to stay put there.

There is a village in walking distance with bakeries and markets. No tourists.

And Paris is a short Metro ride away. Since this place is outside the periphique, it is expensive for four of us to take the metro into Paris. We usually get a car while at my friend’s place and when we want, drive into the city and find a parking garage to put it for the day.

I like things like this about France. The parking garages are clean and painted. Every one of them. I lost a car once in Nice, went to the wrong garage and was severely confused. That movie “Dude Where’s My Car” had just come out and I kept hearing that in my head.

We leave Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and seeing something different.

Oh, did i tell you we’re going to see My Chemical Romance in Paris? By coincidence they are there at the same time we are (I swear). We’re seeing them at a festival in Switzerland too. So twice. Think I am an obsessed fan? No, just a passionate one. It is important to have passions in life. It is what makes life good and interesting.

Their “Teenagers” video came out yesterday. If you want to go see it, click here.

No, I’m not packed yet. I pack on the day I leave. C’mon, it’s me, what did you think?

I will have some internet access while there, so keep checking, I may do some blogging from there.


29 thoughts on “Already Exhausted (and haven’t even left yet)

  1. It shows, huh Max? LOL.

    Michele, we’ll have to swap concert tales at the end of summer. Can’t wait to hear about your road trips, especially about the one to the castle concert.

  2. Hello Kitty, I enjoy reading on your blog. I don’t think I will ever be able to travel like you and your family, but I won’t say never. So I am looking forward to reading your blog when you come home from your trip. Have a safe trip.

  3. Am I repeating myself if I tell you “I hate you”?

    Oh… and the “stick” thing? Be careful of how you use that word once you’re at Europe. I mean, make sure people reaaaaaaaally understand what you’re saying (and I’m not talking England). There are chances they may give you the weird eye.

  4. Your a funny girl Sophia….

    Your trip sounds gorgeous and perfect Kitty, ENJOY!

    That place outside of Paris sounds like a heaven. When I finally get a passport again – and have money – I’m thinking the French country-side sounds heavenly. And I’ve stil never seen Italy… *sigh*

    I really hope you do get to do some blogging on the road… For purely selfish reasons of course [wink]…

  5. Thanks afr. That’s right, never say never.

    Thanks for the warning, Soph, I don’t want anyone giving me the weird eye.

    Sulya, I’ll try to do some blogging while there. I’d like to show my friend there (Liv) how to start one.

  6. Hey Kitty
    Could you maybe sneak me in your carry on bag, I am sure I could fit. Maybe one day I will be able to travel like you do. Have a safe trip.

  7. Kitty don’t you DARE take a minute away from your trip to blog….get out there and soak it all up and THEN come back and tell us what’s up. Silly woman….have FUN!

    Anita Marie

  8. LOL Liv.

    Yeah Denise, you’re tiny, you’d fit in my carry on. Just make sure you don’t have any gold teeth or knives in your boots. Wouldn’t want to set of the metal detector at the airport.

    Anita Marie, if I do any blogging it will be to moderate some comments and maybe a quick check in.

  9. Those poor gendarmes. You and my wife in Paris at the same time. She leaves tonight for two weeks on that ticket I told you about. Have a great trip. Oh…
    and at La Tour Eiffel use the stairs or the elevators… okay?
    No climbing the structure like the last time.

  10. Thanks Brut. But how am I going to write “Kitty wuz here” if I take the elevator or stairs?
    The gendarmes will certainly earn their Euros over the next few weeks. I’ll be in Paris on the 12th just to pick up a car and then the 18th-27th.
    You better get some writing done while your wife is away.

  11. Just to help you out with the “stick” thing. The word is “manual”.
    I like to come with you as far as that bakery.

  12. Oh yes… that bakery. Ask your friend to put me on her rental list. We are always looking for places to stay in France. You called it Kit, two weeks of writing. I started at six this morning.
    Just for your general information (I know you are just dying to know this) it takes the fireman five hours to climb the structure of the Eiffel Tour. They do it twice a year, for practice… and to erase the “Kitty wuz here” graffiti.
    You called it Kit, two weeks of writing. I started at six this morning.
    Have fun.

  13. Good for you Brut, here’s wishing you many “aha” moments.
    I’ll send you the link to my friend’s place.
    I heard there is a big swimming pool under the Tower right now and you can scuba dive in there. Don’t know how long they are doing this.

  14. I mentioned that to my daughter this morning while on the phone with her and she looked out the window and said “Nope, the pool is gone.”

  15. I am so needing a vacation…. I am thinking Monterey lots of wine on the way…
    It’s not Paris but I don’t have to fly over water. Ok so this lady planned the trip to music and she drives a limo and plays tunes to rock out on and dose it when the road side is in bloom…… OK I am drink blogging…… I might as well think of Paris……. OK a vision…… there is a bed in a hotel room filled with european chocolate….wait that was your trip! ha ha ha have fun!

  16. Jennifer, what a trip. LOL.
    You do deserve a break to Monterrey. I’ve been there and love the place. Unless you are talking about the one in Mexico, I haven’t been to that place.

  17. Yes, it is a trip down a bottle of Jamesons…… it has nothing to do with real travel at all but there is no real planning involved so it has ti’s perks.

  18. Good luck Cyndi, I know you have been looking forward to that trip for about a year. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    I’m in England right now at a friend’s house (which means I am past the nasty jet lag).

  19. I hope you are havaing a great trip.n Troy came and we had a wonderful time. e-mail us some photos when you have a minute.

  20. I am finally getting my wish I will traveling out of the country. But it is not until next year. My son Nicholas is in French Immersion at school and after their sixth grade graduation, their whole class is going to Canada for four days. I cant wait. But I am also scared I have never flown before. So this trip should be quite an experience for me since I am scared to death of everything.
    Hope you are having fun in England! who knows maybe I will be able to go there one day.

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