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I am in an internet cafe in London while waiting to check into a hotel. Sweetpea is about to lose her mind without her MySpace. Kids her age use that for everything… mail, photos, blogging, etc. There are a bunch of internet computers in airports and other public places, but she can’t log on to her page from those. Expensive, those bastards, about $3 for fifteen minutes.

This internet cafe, $2, and you can stay on the computer all day long. No breaks though.

Anyway. London. I don’t love this place. Okay I don’t even like it. Sweetpea said she loves London and I really think she just likes that they speak English here. The English countryside is okay. But, London. I say every time, “This is my last trip to London.”

We just got to the city last night, were in another part of England visiting a friend for a few days and then another place for a couple of days.  The friend, Liv, had me laughing for about 4 solid days. Good cure for jet lag.

She showed me her Book of Nightmares and Joys. This is the book where she keeps one photo of each student she hosts. These students are people of all ages, foreigners who come to the university nearby to polish their English.  They stay anywhere from one week to nine months. I loved hearing her stories about each one of these people.

The one that stands out the most is the sound engineer from Tokyo who took a six hour train ride from her house to Liverpool just to walk across Abbey Road. He then hopped the train and rode the six hours back the same day.

Back to London. Last night the girls and I nipped into a bookstore and bought a slew of tabloids and just sat on the beds and read all this crazy trashy stuff about people we have never heard of. Shocking, those things.  Oh, oh, oh. I saw that documentary about Princess Di where they showed some never before seen photos of her fatal car crash. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t missed anything. There may be one photo they showed of her in the car and it is so grainy and has her face blurred. What a scam. I couldn’t tell what I was looking at.

Will be off to some museums now. Ta…


19 thoughts on “London blogging

  1. I’ve never been to London. I’ve heard a lot of good things, though.

    I think that if I were to travel abroad, I would favor nations that spoke English, for no other reason than the fact that it would make things go much more smoothly.

    What specifically do you not like about London?

  2. Hey girl! I hope you are having a great time!

    I am not a huge fan of London either, but there are some great museums there – I really liked the Tate Gallery. That Diana doc sounded like it was going to be interesting – sorry it wasn’t that great – although I’m not sure I would want to see those photos.

    Have fun!

  3. Missing you already, the house is so dead without the 3 of you. You were such a tonic to me too. Some people might need a bottle of pills when they’re down, I just need a visit from you. Just wish you could have stayed longer. Coburn keeps looking past me to look for you. Your girls keep getting lovelier every time I see them. Glad to hear you survived Download, looking forward to hear all about it.
    Enjoy the museums. Take care.

  4. Kitty, I hope you are sfting through all the cool vintage clothes near Covent Garden, if not, I will be bitterly disappointed in you.

    Also, $2 as long as you don’t leave your computer. You wouldn’t be under the Burger King in Picadilly Circus by any chance? If not, that is another cheap, good internet access.

  5. Yay! You’re blogging! You’re blogging! (no pressure of course)

    Preaching to the choir about London, of course but please at least tell the National Gallery that I miss it, because I do. It was one of my safe havens in the midst of all that noise and chaos. And, somehow, the Victorian excesses of the place don’t bother me. I liked to find a treasure in a room – single it out – sit in front of it and just think…

    All museums should be free.

    ENJOY YOUR TRIP! So glad to hear it started with so much laughter.

  6. Hmm. We have about 4 more hours to kill before we hop the Eurostar for France. I’ve got Tate, National Gallery, vintage clothing in Covent, and the Queen to go visit. LOL.
    All my girls want to do is shop, shop, shop (but thankfully not buy, buy, buy).
    The weather has cooperated tremendously, it always does while we are in England. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Switzerland.

  7. Bring me back a French umbrella. My only regret in travels is in the Virgin islands I did not get sandles and in France I did not buy one of those shocking umbrellas in all shades of collors and patterns — I told myself they did not fold down and they were not water proof and I should not do it. But I still wish I had. They were everywhere. Taunting me. Which was silly it never rained in France the whole time I was there that would have been so much smarter in N.O. And I was being an abberrant puritan denying myself one pretty simple umbrella. Very not smart.

    It would be in pieces by now if I had gotten one probably.

    But they were so pretty.

    We miss you.

    TJ’s hand is not healing right he has to wear a cast two more weeks. Also the job in Denver is his if he wants it.

    AJ is taking strange aberant tests in which they make her drink sugar that would coat a pony just to see if maybe sugar could be a problem. [This to me is like the amount of chemicals they pump into rats to prove the chemical might cause problems but do not ever tell AJ I ever thought that she was like a rat experiment.]

    There is a new workshopper you have not met yet.

    Sophia is coming out of her shell and getting rambunctious on blogs yet still we do not taunt her enough with Keanu when we should.

    Sulya is mind seducing my hot Canadian crush. [You will like Sulya you have not gotten to know her yet being gone and all.]

    Anita is scaring the bejeez out of everyone by telling true stories.

    DrewMic has written. Hmm.

    A director has attached to Rose.

    Come home soon.

    You are missed.

  8. Sam never wants to go back to London. I do. There are things I’d like to see, and I have to return to Westminster Abbey. But we’ve been three times w/o going to London, and it doesn’t bother me that much.

    Can’t wait for pictures!

  9. I laugh every time I think that you’re only two hours behind now. It’s just like you’re here. And it blows my mind that you’re so close but I can’t see you. But you promised. You so promised. Have fun, Kit. Kiss the Eiffel Tower for me.

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  11. Oh gosh get a pic of a castle for Zach…. hope it’s not too late to ask.. He loves the Queen…. damn that renaissance festival! OH he was knighted so Sir Zach is waiting for pictures… Have a great time!

  12. Going tomorrow, Michele. I’ll look for a place for you to buy, okay?

    Max thanks for the updates. I miss everyone and can’t wait to hear more about what’s going on with Rose. Yay!

    Anita, I plan to make it out to one of the cemeterys while in Paris. I always plan to go but so far have only made it to the catacombs.

    Jennifer, I’ll send you a photo of a castle for Zach.

    Sophia, I can’t believe it either, we are in almost the same time zone. And now AJ and I are only 8 hours apart.

    Pooks, I always say I don’t want to go back to London, but already I’ve found a reason to go back. The Eurostar will move to another station in London and will have a faster train to Paris, I think it will make it in under two hours now. That will happen later this year. Oh, you really need to go to Switzerland, there are millions of bicycles here.

  13. Hi Kitty
    The catacombs?!
    Way Cool, just don’t point out all the dead people are naked.
    No one will laugh.
    That’s what my friend told me after she said that at SOMEBODY’S request.
    Boy was she sore.

  14. Sorry you don’t love London, kitty. I quite love it myself. But sounds like you’re going lots of other places that you will like better, so have fun on the continent!

    (still jealous no matter where you are)

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