Swiss Blogging

I’ve had computer and internet access for the last five days, but just not enough time to do any blogging or check email. The girls have also managed to hog the computer with what little time we have for it.

The alps are gorgeous and the Greenfield Festival fabulous. Tomorrow we leave for Paris by car. As much as I love Paris, I’d love to spend a little more time here. I’ll tell you all about it later. Don’t let me forget to tell you about the male model and the boots. Two different stories. Oh, and I got to meet Jared Leto today. Did I tell you I’m having a great time out here?

I’m not sure if I’ll have internet access for the next ten days, so I’ll just have to let you all moderate your own comments here. That’s right AJ, here is your opportunity to tp my blog. Take advantage of it while you can. 


14 thoughts on “Swiss Blogging

  1. Male model. Boots. Jared Leto. You little s***, you just throw this in our face and then you let us here waiting and wondering. Okay, then don’t blame us for anything that might happen to your blog while you’re away.

  2. I’m with Sophia. Totally. You’re a terrible tease Kitty.

    Just terrible.

    That said, it sounds like you’re having a fabulous time and I look forward to hearing all the juicy details.

    Tell Paris ‘Allo’ from me.

  3. I have a My Chemical Romance story for you too. I’ve looked everywhere for their cd album. Guess what. Sold out!! They’re getting really big here too. Wow!

  4. A green light to TP and I did my drunk blogging already! …….. I’ll have to come back and see if the lights are on and nobody’s home, the next time I get thirsty.

  5. Kitty you have to come home now. I am doing some kind of freak melt down and will be Chris’s sex slave in Ross Dress For Less if you do not come home. Now.

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