One of my favorite differences between American English and British English is the meaning of the word “pissed.” For us it is about anger, for them it is about being totally drunk. I have a whole new meaning for this word. You’ll see what I mean. If you are known to faint easily, you may want to skip this post and wait for the Swiss stuff.

So we are in England and My Chemical Romace is playing at Download. The girls begged me to take them again for at least one day. Okay they didn’t have to twist my arm. This is probably the only band the three of us have on our top ten list.

I wasn’t going to talk about this…

Okay. So the girls and I are wiggling our way to the front of the crowd at the main stage where they are going to play in an hour. It’s easy, there’s no excessive crowding. Other girls are dragging their boyfriends up there. You could just read those poor bloke’s faces, what I do for this girl.

The girls and I are ecstatic that we’ve positioned ourselves closely to the stage. Then a guy to my side looks at me with a very sad face. He asks, “Do you like My Chemical Romance?”
I look down at my t-shirt and laugh.
With a hint of shame he warns, “Better watch your head.”

My heart went into a freefall, straight down into my left shoe. How could I be so stupid? How could I not guess this? I tell the girls and we all agree to go to the back of the audience. Waaaaaay back. As we amble back there we notice pockets and hands loaded down with ammo. These are all guys. Jealous guys.

Look what they did.

These are plastic bottles as glass is not allowed at the festival. The fucktards fill them with a little liquid to make them projectile. Water. Soda. Beer. Oh, look back at the title of this post. That stuff too. Pissing on my Black Parade.

To all the bottlers:

Not my shirt. But it’s useful.

MCR kept playing but Gerard Way’s eyes were sweeping back and forth real fast, like windshield wipers, looking out for missiles (saw it on the bigscreen). The bottling stopped after about a couple of songs and those same idiots throwing bottles were actually dancing and singing the songs toward the end of the show. He looked gorgeous, BTW and it turned out to be a great show. Oh, and we didn’t get hit.

No band deserves this and it is unfair and unsafe to the audience as well. There were quite a few children there to see MCR. Some probably got hit. I don’t understand why they can’t control this problem.


14 thoughts on “Pissed

  1. That is wrong in so many ways. Jealous guys? I hope their girlfriends went on all rhapsodic about Gerard all the way home. “oh, he is so sexy…”

  2. The guys throwing bottles weren’t with girls. (No wonder why.) The guys with girls had long faces probably because they couldn’t get in on the attack. A lot of these guys were pissed because Korn were playing at the same time on a lesser stage. They felt Korn were a bigger group (or more metal) and should have the big stange. Thing is, Korn signed up to play way late in the planning phase and in fact the lead singer for them didn’t show up last year when they were on the main stage.

    I don’t know why they let people do this. Lots of people argue it is harmless because the bottles are open (they take the tops off bottles when they sell them drinks). Let me tell you how dificult it is to smuggle something in there. I had a 1.5 liter bottle of water with a top on it and security said the bottle was too big, I had to throw it away. I looked the guy in the eye, said “I’m throwing it away” and put it right back in my bag as he watched me (the power of suggestion, LOL).

  3. I remember being in France during the World Cup game in 1999. They were not allowing Brits into the country because of the hooligan problem. I didn’t know they could do that. But they did.

  4. Of course they can do that. They are a sovereign nation. They can lock anyone out they want. Of course that did not work out so well with the Germans, that whole Manginot [did I spell that right?] Line thing was sort of problematic, but the Germans were a lot better armed than soccer hooligans.

  5. This is so Brit typical. I’m laughing so hard because, well, one thing they are known of is how aggressive and weird they get once they make a crowd. Glad you came back with your head still on your neck.

  6. Max, I didn’t know they could keep Brits out of France, them being both EU coutries. When crossing borders between EU countries you don’t even have to show your passport. It is almost like crossing a state line here in America.

    Soph, most of the Brits were pleasant.

    I guess the big thing is, in Britain, the police don’t carry guns. They don’t have the same respect for order without the presence of the guns. LOL.

  7. I just want to say we are not all like that. Im from Scotland and i think this kind of behaviour is pathetic and something should be done about it. It ruins the concert for the true fans and the artist. If you don’t like the band.. don’t go and see them. Simple. You don’t have to make your point by lobbing bottles across the crowd. Get a life! And done..

  8. Glad you said that Suzanne, I think of the Brits at these concerts fascinating and fun.
    The only trouble I’ve seen is the bottling and most of you don’t even do that.
    I’ve never felt threatened or had anyone say anything obnoxious to me there. Mostly though, the people at Download are not sloppy drunk and wasted like at other concerts. I like that a lot, being able to enjoy a show with people who will actually remember it.

  9. So sad!

    If I had been there… grrr! No, not true… I would have just cried for them. I can’t manage to make myself violent anymore.

  10. No, violence just gives the idiots what they want. They didn’t get it that day.

    You’d have cried all right. That was a damned good concert. I’d never seen a band play against such obstacles, such disrespect (it was disrespectful to the fans as well), such hatred.
    And they played one of the best shows I’d ever seen.

    Most bands leave the stage when the bottles start flying at them. It is dangerous. It could kill them. MCR doesn’t have to put up with this sort of crap, but they did for their fans who were there, they didn’t want to cheat them out of a show because of the bottling.

  11. I hate those who throw the bottles!
    Uhmm, thanks for this ’cause I think I’ll be going to MCR concert here in our place…..
    Thankfully, none of these guys threw bottles on Gerard….

  12. Just watch your head, V, if you are in England. It lasted for about two songs and then they stopped. The bottle throwers stayed and listened, too.
    I thought that was funny.
    Even better, toward the end of their set, those same punks were singing the words to the songs.

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