More Good Things About Switzerland

Switzerland is one of my favorite countries because it is downright be-yoo-ti-ful. Yodel that. It is nature at it finest. What I think of more than the alps is the color of the water there.

The people are so friendly and helpful, easy to talk to. There are four different language regions. French near the French border, German in the middle, Romansh to the east, and Italian near that border. It’s fun to drive into the country and see the language change on the road signs as you get to different regions. They speak really good English, too.

There is no dust in Switzerland. I checked. These are some of the cleanest people on Earth. Even the cars stay clean. And the bicycles. Which are everywhere. These are just the ones parked at the train station.

Extreme sporting is a big thing in Interlaken. Since we were there for Father’s Day, we gave Blane the gift of paragliding.

He took this photo with his mobile phone just after jumping off the mountain.

I’ve always wanted to paraglide, but wasn’t in the mood for it that day. Maybe next time.

Another thing I’ve always wanted to do out there is the obstacle course in the forest. There are platforms way up in the trees and cables to glide from tree to tree. It’s like chutes and ladders on crack. We found one and were going to do it, but it was just too rainy in the mornings. Another thing for next time.

Travelling itself can be an obstacle course. Deciding where you want to go and what you want to do while there, transportation, finding suitable lodging, food. The tour bus thing does not suit me. It’s too easy.

Some people make better travellers than others. Now that they are a little older, my kids enjoy it and understand why cultural exchange is so important in life, but when they were little, they preferred to be at home and with their friends than go to some strange land.

I’ve always felt more at home when away from home. One day I will probably sell everything and buy a gypsy wagon. Walk the Earth. [wink]


13 thoughts on “More Good Things About Switzerland

  1. Wow, this reminds me of the Pacific Northwest…green and blue and even from the pictures you know the air is going to smell good to.

    When I was little I used to love to travel, I still do- who knows maybe one day…


  2. If I were a man and my wife and daughters paid me paragliding, I would get really suspicious. Did Blane double checked the parachute first? Just wondering.

  3. Soph, Blane is worth more alive than dead. Sentimental value, you know.
    Actually, I’ve been begging to go paragliding for years and he’s always told me he is afraid I’ll get hurt or killed doing it. So I think he wanted to do a good test run to see if it is safe. What a sacraficer. Now he wants me to do it. Overprotective husbands…
    He’d take a bullet for me. I’d take a knife (in the leg) for him.

  4. LOL, Aj. The pun police are coming.
    Anyway. It’s not that he doesn’t deserve it, it’s that I don’t have that sort of courage.

    Yeah Boz, I am pretty sure I saw where they mine all that chocolate. Uh huh. I did.

  5. I wrote this post.

    I used to go by “cinemagypsy” but people kept calling me “Kitty” so I am just going by my first name now. Sorry for any confusion.

  6. Hi,
    Switzerland is like a second home to me and I love it there. I have just one comment. The obstical courses you were talking about are called High ropes courses and they are great fun to do :). I would sugest them to anyone who goes there

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