For Prince Zach

Jennifer’s son Zach likes castles, so Spanky got a photo of one for him on the drive to France.

This is a magical castle. There is a toy shop in it and everything is free. That’s on the first floor. The crystal elevator takes you up to the second floor where there are parades and birthday parties every day. You must wear your superhero costume here if you want to party.

The best thing about this place is the wishing well in the back garden. You can throw a penny in there if you want, but really all you have to do is ask and all your wishes come true.

Have a speedy recovery, Zach (and Jennifer).

I hope some of you will add to this magical story for Zach in the comments section.

Zach has autism and mitochondrial disorder. He is in chronic pain and is being cared for at home by his mother.


21 thoughts on “For Prince Zach

  1. Nice Photo Spanky! Kitty, He lovesssssss It ! He was so bored tonight and you made his night and mine! He loved the story. He wanted to say HI……….

    my name is zachary

  2. HI Zachary! I’m glad you like the castle and story. : )

    I had just told the girls and Blane that we needed to get a photo of a castle for Zachary and five minutes later we saw one. Everyone was fighting over the camera to get the picture for you. Believe it or not this is the only castle we saw the whole time.

    I am really feeling special. I have a comment on my blog from Zach. Yay!

  3. I’ve been told, never seen it with my own eyes though, that there’s a castle in Scoltand up at the Highlands. A myth says that a giant dragon guards this castle. But this dragon is special. Because if he likes you, if he really likes you, instead of flames he blows rays of various colors out of his mouth. Red and green and blue and yellow. Any color you like. And they say that if you listen carefully, real carefully, at nights, when it’s peaceful and quiet, you can hear me sing.

    All my warmest wishes for Zachary and Jennifer.

    Kit, tell Spanky this pic is beautiful. You both are so sweet.

  4. Okay, you know that was in fact a typo, don’t you? I meant to type “… you can hear HIM sing” and I ended up referring to myself… which is even creepier if you really think about it. LOL!

  5. That’s the one Michele. Music all the time. I see Sophia is trying to cancel her show. Uh un girl, a deal’s a deal.

    Sulya, I was hoping someone would notice it is cut into the cliff. It’s hard to tell with all the trees. Good eye.

  6. Hey Zach (and Kitty):

    I have a book on castles and this one’s in it. According to French legend, there’s an enormous, twisted Troll that lives at the foot of the path that winds up to the castle. He is very large and very old. Despite his wicked-looking appearance, this troll (whose name, by the way, is Wend) is actually very kind. If you give Wend a small toy, he will snatch you up as quick as a flash of lightning, place you onto his huge shoulders and carry you the rest of the way up to the castle.

    And legend has it that Wend stores all of his toys — thousands of them — in a hidden cave in the cliffs.

    I’d sure like to see that cave . . .

    Feel better soon, buddy!

    Your pal,


  7. thank you for the wonderful stories! Zach has been so bored. I once took him to a renaissance festival and he is a true believer in castle cultre. Mostly, you all made him feel like he has friends.

    Kitty I love you for this!

  8. Well Zach must know about the funny monkeys who run this castle. They dress up as other animals and are quite convincing. Except, see, not every animal has all that hair. So we know it’s the monkeys. The frog impersonation is the best.

    They are also good cooks and they know all about special diets, you don’t even have to go through the hassle of telling them what foods you can or can’t eat, they just know. Lots of talent when it comes to fruits and veggies.

  9. Jennifer, we may not personally know each other, but… we ARE Zach’s friends. You got to tell him that he’s got friends from all over the world. And that his friends think of him and love him dearly. Best!

  10. I forgot about the ocean. It is behind us in the photo, so you can’t see it. The tide was out when we passed, but when it comes in, the water is 20 feet deep, one of the highest tide differentials in the world.
    This is a favorite place of the sea lions, sea horses and sea monkeys (who happen to be the friendliest sea creatures on Earth). This is the only know sea circus in the world.
    Right outside this castle.

  11. I love castles. So old. So worn. Yet some how, still so regal.

    I love putting my hand on the walls as I walk past them. You cannot fill a stone brick with your hand span in a castle. Each one is square and rough, like the lumpy cobblestone streets you ricket down in old french towns.

  12. Zachary, I was looking around and found this page with your friends telling you stories about castles and a picture of a lovely castle taken in France! You know how I love France. Jose and I go at least once a year. Did you know that Jose’s Mom had worked in a castle when he was a young boy? I will look to see if I can get more information about that for you. I love you sooo much and I am glad that you are getting better. I will call you soon. Love Auntie B

  13. I could never see enough castles. Or cathedrals. I just love them. Especially this one, cut into a cliff.

    One of my favorites is Mont St. Michel in France.

    Thanks for stopping by, B.

  14. Hey, that’s my sister! See what castles do to people, They make them leave comments.
    Who knows maybe Zach will go to France when they get married.

    When we see a church, Zach calls them ” the king store” Because they remind him of castles.

  15. Note to self: Upload more castle photos.

    I do have hundreds of them. Somewhere.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch… Spanky has promised to make a special appearance and give an eyewitness account of Zach’s castle.

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