Chat Noir

No matter where you go or live, there always seems to be a house that is spooky. A house where everyone says “the witch” lives and kids take dares to run across the yard. We saw one in France so I took the opportunity to tell the kids a creepy story about a French witch in that house.

And then a black cat came out. Of nowhere. I poked the camera through the wrought iron fence and took this photo. It wasn’t until I uploaded it that I realized I took that photo through a spider web.


So I sit here creeping myself out with this photo and decide to zoom in on the cat’s eyes. That is not red-eye. That cat’s eyes are glowing. I did not Photoshop or enhance it in any way, just crop and zoom.


Hell, while zooming in why not look in the windows?


You see that ghostly face?



32 thoughts on “Chat Noir

  1. LOL. Anita Marie and I have a lot in common. I can’t wait to see what she says when she reads this post (rubbing my hands together).

    Believe it or not Max, when I took this photo I was thinking about you and how much you like cats.

  2. You’re welcome. Sorry I didn’t bring you back one of those Parisian umbrellas. I just wasn’t sure exactly what you wanted. I’ll go back again though, no doubt. One day, you’ll get your umbrella, ella, ella, ella, aye, aye, aye, aye.
    That song “Umbrella” by Rhianna kept playing on the radio while I was there. it was so funny Max, I’d walk in a store and that song would play and I’d think of that umbrella you wanted.

  3. I don’t think that was a cat at all.

    I think it was something else.

    Something that didn’t want it’s picture taken…

    but the eyes.

    The eyes are the window to the Soul and these don’t look like eyes at all.

    Do they.

    anita marie

  4. Michele, that is the strange thing. That yard was taken over by weeds. In the photo, however, it looks like a nice garden.

    Anita, we were staring at the old house and I told the kids to look in the windows for the witch. We were giggling and thinking maybe we saw something in there and then
    “poof” the cat was on the sidewalk. And it never moved after that.

    I’ll have to zoom in even closer on the eyes now. Just to see what’s in there. Cross your fingers…. I hope I make it back.

  5. I have this skeleton ( Okay, it’s fake, but it’s not a toy I bought it for a class I took ) that my cat Blitzer just LOVES to play with.
    He crawls up into the ribcage and sleeps in it’s ‘lap’ .
    He looks like the Cat in this picture.
    Only his eyes aren’t that blue color.
    They yellow, bright bright yellow and I swear it’s like that cat never blinks.

    Sort of like that thing in the window- it never blinks either.

    Trust me on this.


  6. You are so bad for insomniacs. Now I know I’m not gonna hit the sack tonight. At all. Because of who? Because of YOU!! You. Are. So. Bad.

  7. “skeleton crawl.” LOL. I’m looking forward to some of that, Anita Marie.

    Sophia, you are not safe during the day, either. And tell me dear, do you have one of these scary houses in your town? : )

  8. I need to go check out the Irish curse.
    I tell you what Jennifer, I still get Google hits for that comment you left about putting names in the freezer. It’s the funniest thing.

  9. Max, saved my live by telling me not to eat the food when I put someone’s name in the freezer! : )

    Irish curse…. May the cat eat you…. May the devil eat your cat… Very old Irish words.

    I think your cat ( in the pic) is mid curse…. it’s got a witch inside.

  10. LOL I messed up the curse…. my ancestors are rolling over!

    May the cat eat you and May the devil eat the cat. So it’s done and those who shant be named are now dealt with.

  11. As a matter of fact we do. One such house is just about three or four blocks from where I live. Haven’t passed by that neighborhood in… let me see… six years now? LOL!

  12. Jen, even though the girls and I were laughing about the cat, he did stay very still and give us the stare down. It’s as if he was saying, “That’s my house you’re talking about.”

    Soph, you’ll show us the scary house when we go to Greece, will you?

  13. Sure, no problem. I’ll give you a map and specific directions, teach you how to say “Hi, I’m totally lost, can you show me the way to Sophia’s house?” in Greek and wish you good luck.

  14. Oh no, Soph, you are coming with us and we’ll make you knock at the door.

    Aj, that is a little different than the way I’ve heard it, that if a black cat crosses your path you are in for it. I wonder what the rules are in France about that. He didn’t cross our path, we crossed his.

  15. We had a halloween party at the Chateau and invited all of the local kids who had never been trick or treating. We are Australian not American and did not go over the top. I spent two days decorating and carved three pumpkins in the shape of black cats. Our burmese (brown) not black who loves a good party, thought they were interesting and we have a lovely photo of her and the three cat pumpkins.

    But I do not know how to add my photo to your blog

  16. Oh, gosh now, Stil. Very amateur.

    Most of the photos on my blog were taken with that Panasonic point and shoot I told you about. I only recently started using the Canon.

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