Beautiful Things

I asked my French friend once, “Paris est belle ou beau?” (Paris is beautiful (f) or beautiful (m)? She answered, “Paris est beau.” What that really means is Paris is a masculine word in French. I would have guessed feminine. No doubt about whether the place is beautiful.

Everything there is beautiful. To the eye, the ears, the nose, the palate, the fingertips. And some.

There is lavendar everywhere. Did you know that it chases away scorpions? In the south of France there are beautiful rolling hills of blue, so much of it you can smell it in the air.

They say in France a baker is either a good at making pastries or bread, never both. There are bakeries everywhere to tempt you.

If you take it “to go” they always wrap your pastry in lovely paper, just like this:

And speaking of pastries, can’t you just smell the wedding cake?

I stumbled upon this wedding and watched the guest throw confetti on the bride and groom. I love the way the confetti looks on this gown.

In the Montmarte district, I saw this window and wished I lived there.

Even when things are weathered, they still look amazing.

And who would think Contact paper could look so good on something?

This light fixture in this clothing store, I have to have one.

It won’t go anywhere in this house, but I’m going to make one of these. I will.

See these patches of grass on the table?

Those things are everywhere this season. Decorating store windows in England, Switzerland, and France. This is real grass here in Paris, the other countries had plastic grass. Don’t know what’s up with that, but maybe we’ll be decorating our store windows next year with that stuff.

Oh yes it is…

Not just the regular Coke Blak, chers, they do have that, but also an extreme version of it. The bottle is metal, not glass as it is here. Heaven this place, heaven.

The most beautiful thing about Paris is this:

My daughters buddying up and walking real close to each other like the Europeans do. They never hang out like that at home.

I will give you the sounds of Paris in another post. I am off to my dreams now. A bientot (later).


15 thoughts on “Beautiful Things

  1. Yet more stunning pictures, as all your holiday pictures are. You have a gift in making the most ordinary of things look extraordinary. Those bakery shots remind me of the bakeries we had in Norway when I was growing up. Makes me drool…….

  2. You made me sigh. I miss the scent of Paris. I miss the feel of Paris. I miss the taste of Paris. I miss the long walks among the landmarks. I miss the music in my ears when they talk to each other. Gosh, Kitty, why did you have to do that?

  3. Sophia, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that you were born in Paris. You have every right to miss the place.

    Liv, I don’t know if you remember telling me not to go to Norway because it is so expensive. Now that England is so expensive, I’m wondering if you’ll warn me to stay away from there? LOL. Hope not.

  4. Wow Kitty, this was great- thanks for taking the time to put this all together and share it with us.

    My sister and I are very close so that last shot reminds me a lot of us. I’m really glad your girls had that time together- it’s a great feeling.


  5. If we took away every photo and everything good that associates with each one with regards to Paris, and just leave the Coke Blak in the metal bottle. You would still say Paris is the best place on earth. Your love for that drink runs deep.

  6. Anita Marie, I envy you for having a sister. I got cheated in life, cheated… no sisters.

    It does run deep, AJ. One day, and soon, they will stop selling it. I’ll stage a hunger strike for them to bring it back. I’ll call it “Back in Blak.”

  7. I have some of that Jennifer, you’ll love it. I also have some lavendar oils to put in this fragrance burner thing, but my kids hate the smell of it.

    AJ, I’m experimenting with making my own, remember? One day I’ll strike it lucky.

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