An Artist’s Artist

Amy Winehouse. Rehab. One of my favorite songs.
Soul, jazz, Motown-like. Listen. You’ll love it. I promise.


14 thoughts on “An Artist’s Artist

  1. I like Winehouse, especially “I’m No Good”. There’s something in her voice that I find quite interesting. The thing with her, though, is that, that interesting voice makes her songs sound repetitive at the same time . It may be just me.

  2. I like that one too, Soph.
    I haven’t tired of her voice, but t’s not something I can listen to on any given day, just when the mood strikes. Sometimes, but not often I’m just in the mood for some blues, soul, or jazz.
    Her latest CD is a perfect combo of those genres. Every single song on that CD is good.
    Bound to be a classic. I’d love to see her live show. She’s so confident in her delivery in the videos, especially this one. I just want to jump into that video for some reason and talk to those musicians in there.

  3. Ape, what’s up with Stone? I have never seen any shoes on her. LOL.
    Maybe her feet are too big, she’s what, seven feet tall?
    She reminds me of Janis Joplin for some reason. Maybe what she wears? She’s prettier than Joplin though.

  4. I like her music. Its good to hear something a little out of the ordinary to break up the monotony on the radio. Sometimes I just get tired of hearing the same thing over and over on the radio. I rarely ever hear Joss played on the radio around here. When I have too much of the radio, I slide in one of her cd’s. I watched her performance for the Diana Concert and she sang “under pressure” the song you had blogged about my chemical romance. She rocked!

  5. Oh, you know who else was good at that Diana concert was Nelly Furtado. I used to listen to her a lot years ago and then she got too hip hop for me. But that song she sang, “Say It Right” love that.
    :::heading to iTunes for that song right now:::

  6. I like Joss Stone. The same way I like Norah Jones and Kelly Clarkson. I can listen to them singing for hours. But Furtado gets to my last nerve. You know who else is good? Il Divo. They are not jazz, they are more classic, but they are the best when you want to lie down, close your eyes and completely relax.

  7. II Divo is devine. I put on their CD when I just want to listen and not have anything else to do. Joss is great too, but she was even greater before she knew how great she was. Now she just does too much with her voice, it was better when she just opened her mouth and sung. Oh Kitty, just don’t book any tickets for Amy W. Half the time she doesn’t turn up, but are found in a pub a bit worse for wear, or sleeping off a hangover.

  8. “greater before she knew how great she was. ”
    Funny, Liv.

    I have heard that about Winehouse, what a damn shame. Maybe she’ll go to rehab so I can see her show, show, show.

  9. I have issues with Amy Winehouse. I have tried to like her, but think trying to like someone takes the actualy fun out of liking them.

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