Street Cred

You ain’t the coolest of the cool until you’ve had your photo taken with Mr. T.

Here is Liv’s son Klaus, (his nickname is “Klausenburgervonbeulenmeisterstein”) when he was still a little English boy. He ran across Mr T while in Dallas and got one of the best celeb photos, ever.

His mom had the photo made into a poster which Klaus displayed in his dorm room when he grew up. Talk about some major street cred.


22 thoughts on “Street Cred

  1. AJ, that’s just wrong. I can’t believe you are not going to mention that t-shirt of yours while you have the chance.

    Liv, this must have been quite a shocker to wake up to, huh? Oh, hope you don’t mind your cool Klaus on my blog. I didn’t ask because I didn’t want to ruin the surpirse.

    AMM, I think this was around that same time he was on A-Team. That get-up he’s got on, that’s his regular clothes, he was just walking around town like that. I think had he been wearing jeans the cool factor would have gone down by about 50%.

    Michele, don’t tell anyone that’s cardboard. Hogan rocks too.

    But damn, Mr. T.

  2. Max, I thought for sure you’d say something about Mr. T being the father of “bling.”

    You are all so unpredictable today.

    Starstruck by Mr. T’s star power.

  3. Of course I don’t mind. Wonder what Klaus will say when I show him later? Very surprised I’m sure, but he won’t mind. The photo was taken July 9th 1988 by the way. You can’t see it in the photo here, but he has “MR T” tatooed on his bicep.

  4. I was about to ask if Klaus even knew who Mr T was — until you ‘splained when the pic was taken!

    I knew a guy who was a writer on that show. He just called him T. I guess “Mr” was only for people who didn’t know him well enough.

  5. I think I know who you’re talking about Pooks, I took one of his screenwriting classes.
    This same guy, when he would talk in class about you and the contests you’ve won, he’d refer to you as “Patti.”

  6. I found it odd. See comment #5.

    You must not remember ’80s clothing. It was an odd time.

    Liv, what’s the deal with Mr. T’s Spidey-looking suit? Do you know?

  7. Mr T is not a regular type of guy, so he could get away with wearing something like that. And that is probably the reason he’s wearing it. (apart from it being the 80’s)

  8. My favorite Mr T story (well, my only one) is that when they were prosecuting some day care workers or owners or something who had done something bad (I don’t remember any details since I have slept twice since then) — Mr T went and sat in the courtroom on the days when little children had to testify, so that they would feel safe telling the truth.


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