Last week Sweetpea and her pack of friends came home sporting Grillz. I have to admit, it was flat out hilarious. I had to go get one for Blane Jr.

Look at him pimp it like a pro.

It’s not a real grill of course, it’s actually a candy called Grillz. Much like the old Ring Pop, it has a lollipop on one side and a plastic rack of silver or gold teeth on the other.

We found these at our local Blockbuster store, just look for this package if you must have one.


30 thoughts on “Grillz!

  1. I’d love some evidence, but your stories are quite visual. I bet you five bucks you become the star patient of the maternity ward.
    Actually, you don’t need a grill, that wit of yours will do just fine making you the favorite.

  2. You do not have a fridge pack on dry ice by the door with that little bag you are supposed to have packed for the hospital?

    Wow you are so ill prepared. I would crack that can in the delivery room.

  3. Scary picture!!! I just have to have some of those. In fact, I know 3 or 4 people who’d have enormous fun with those. How brilliant!

  4. These are hilarious. As long as the one who wears them stays away from me. I do not promise I wouldn’t kick him in the crotch to defend myself.

  5. Liv, I’ll bring some with me and we’ll dazzle them at the wedding!

    Michele, you owe Clay some germs.

    Thanks Max, my eyes were a little puffy that day but everyone seems to like that one better than the other pic I had up here. AJ suggested I put this one up instead of another I was about to put up here. Thanks AJ!

    Sophia, no crotch kicking Blane. I want grandchildren one day, LOL.

  6. Thanks Jen. Can you see the pic here on my blog? I can’t see it. Maybe it is the template. Or it could be that I’m always logged on when I am here. I see it on other blogs though. Hmmm.

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