Crazy Pranks And Other Things Kids Do While Parents Are Away

My son Blane started a prank call website when he was a teenager. I didn’t know he was making and recording all these calls until he showed me the website. He started with the calls when he was about 13 years old. One of his calls was aired on a local radio station. He was that good.
He even sold CDs of his prank calls all over the world. Really, he did.

Then he started adding funny videos he shot and edited. In this one, he was working as a lifeguard and after the pool closed, well, here’s what they did. It still cracks me up. Here they got a bungee cord, tied one end to a diving board and the other to a little waveboard. Then they pulled the waveboard waaaaay back and took a ride, slingshot style. Watch real close, the bungee snaps and one guy gets popped on the ass pretty badly.

Once while we were out of town, Blane and all his friends used our house to party. In this video they have a backyard boxing competition. It’s edited with the best of his clips, so he calls this video “Greatest Hits.” (The one jiggling his butt is my boy)

If you want to see his old website, go to CrazyPranks.

Now if I could just get him to teach me how to edit videos…


17 thoughts on “Crazy Pranks And Other Things Kids Do While Parents Are Away

  1. You know, I used to box- for real Kitty! And I’d have had way more fun if I had to do it at night and chase someone around the backyard to whomp them.

    This stuff is great- probably your son has grown up and does other stuff…I on the other hand….

    anita marie

  2. I’m particularly enamoured of the boxing one… The grainy black&white – the anonymity of the players though you start to recognize people a bit by bodies…

    Mostly, though, who can resist people whackin’ the crap out of each other for fun?

  3. Anita Marie, I didn’t know you used to box. Wow. Boxing, dirt biking, playing the guitar in a rock band. You are so cool. These days Blane studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. But he still likes to prank people. He’s a really fun person, always making me laugh.

    Sulya, I don’t know if you noticed the time on the screen, they were boxing in the middle of the night. They were in college and having a party that night. I’m not sure but I think they might be drunken fighting in here too.

  4. Hi Kitty,
    My Uncle was a boxer and he used to train my cousins- so of course the one with the talent turns out to be my Uncle’s ” Pebbles ” ( okay, you can stop laughing now ).
    You’d probably never believe this, but I was never a tomboy- I just liked challanges.


  5. Anita Marie, I didn’t box, but I my brothers taught me how to steet fight. LOL. I wasn’t a tomboy, but I was tough. Yeah, I believe you like challenges.

  6. Michele, you didn’t notice there were some girls fighting in there too? Look for the ponytails coming out of the headgear. The girl fights were actually some of the funniest ones because they don’t know the boxing rules.

    Sophia, if you are going to box, wear gloves. : )

  7. Actually, I was thinking more of kick-boxing. There are some certain body parts that tend to hurt more than others. And thanks for the tip. I appreciate it 🙂

  8. Oh, kickboxing Sophia? LOL. You are so funny.

    Yeah, AJ, I like it that he chose that song. I think the song ups the humor of it (and it drowns out all the cussing). Almost all of it.

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  10. doed anyone have any ideas for amazing April Fool’s Day pranks? Please, if you do i would like to know.

    I have this friend, lets call her minnie mouse because i dont want to give out names, and she has a boyfriend, lets call him mickey mouse. mockey mouse is nice and a real good friend. Now minnie mouse has this freind that we’ll call pepperoni. pepperoni is nice but at times she can be mean. pepperoni likes mickey mouse and you can sooooo tell it. minnie mouse and i want to give pepperoni a taste of her own medicine because of what she is doing to her. she flirts with mickey mouse and it gets soooo annoying. mickey mouse sees it but not as much. and as people know, april fools day is coming up and me and minnie mouse and to do most outradious prank on her. ( we are in 7th grade and we have lockers so that might come in handy.)

    so please reply if anyones got ideas!!

  11. heres a gud prank u can play, all you neeed is two glow in the dark bouncy balls, a piece of string, see through thread and tape. attach the two balls onto the celing of your targets closet using the string and tape. attach the thread onto their closet door. in the night pull on the thread and their will be two eyes staring at your target!!! good luck

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