Greece Is Burning (Guest Post)

Guest post by Sophia of Greece:


My entire country is in flames. There are no words to describe what I see and how they make me feel.

The sky is not blue anymore. The sun is not yellow. Grey and red accordingly is what you see. And I’m pretty sure that even the sea will lose its magnificent deep blue-green color any minute now.

Mayhem. Catastrophy. Agony. Panick. Desperation.

And a knot in the throat. For, what else are you supposed to feel when you watch thousands and thousands of acres burning uncontrollably? Vast areas of virgin woods, of endless green fields and all the beauty of nature disappearing in a snap of a finger. People are screaming. They are losing their houses. Houses they have been building all their lives. Houses they have inherited from their parents who had inherited them from their parents. And so on. And so on. People who are trapped in their villages, surrounded by massive flames which approach them violently, hungrily, ferociously, destroying everything that comes to their path. Gulping everything that stands in their way. And those people are congregated in the centre of their villages, inside their churches, inside their school buildings, hoping that someone will save them. Hoping that they will not be burnt alive. Hoping that they will not be next in the list of the 64 people who died without any hope. And of those who are still missing.

A mother with her four children was found burnt to ashes. She was trying to save their lives. She was trying to escape the monster. Their motionless bodies were found holding tightly each other. Only her oldest was a few steps away… trying to find a way out, trying to defeat the dragon. This is 2007, people. The century of technology, of flying to the moon and discovering new ways for cars to move faster. And we are still being offered as a sacrifice to the beast, like that would soothe its appepite down.

They said help is coming. From all over Europe. From Russia. From the USA. We are still waiting. And in the mean time Greece is burning. And people are dying. And animals are howling.

There are many theories regarding these fires. Theories we’ve heard of before. Theories that are all brand new to our ears. But we all know the truth. And the truth says that they have been trying to get us for years. They never succeeded. Many tried to conquer this fine land, they all returned home with their hands empty. Over the years, they tried to destroy our history, they tried to destroy our culture, they tried to destroy our language. But they had no luck. And they do not like it. They do not like it at all.

So, they decided that their only other choice was to burn us. Alive. It’s a war. No weapons and bombs involved. It’s another kind of war. A war of man forcing nature against man. Do they honestly think we do not know who they are? Do they honestly think that we cannot see them? But above all, do they honestly believe they stand any chance?

Well, I’ve got news for you. You, little tiny men. Yes, you. You can burn our woods, you can drain our sea, you can even bring the Acropolis down. But you will never get us. Ask those who have tried before you. Because our culture, our language, our history, our heart, our spirit, everything we have inherited from our ancestors… they are deep inside us. And they will never be yours. No matter how hard you try, they will always be ours. And those you can never destroy. Never. Ever. No matter how hard you hit us, as long as we know how to keep our heads up you will never defeat us. I would say this in our language, but you are too small to understand us. So, I’m going to say it in one that I’m sure you might understand:

Burn anything you wish. We will still be here, fuckers. And now you can kiss our ancient butts.



11 thoughts on “Greece Is Burning (Guest Post)

  1. Thanks Sophia for this post and please keep us updated on the situation there as well as your safety.
    You and all of Greece are in my thoughts, I hope things get better soon.

  2. I have been following it on the news and my heart goes out to you. I agree with you: where is the help? They can send manpower and helicopters etc to go off and kill, but where are they all when people need saving? Why are we letting these warped people (I use the term lightly) govern us?
    I pray the fires will be put out by the time I watch the next news report and that no more lives are lost. Keep safe!!!

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  4. Thank you all for your thoughts and wishes. Things are a bit better here today, if you can say that since the fires are not put out yet. They just do not threaten to kill any people today. So far they say that more than a million acres of land was totally burnt, more than 140 villages do not exist anymore, 64 people are dead, more than 70 are seriously injured and more than 3000 people are with no homes and jobs and a very harsh winter in front of them. And all that while the fires are still burning and enlivenments one after the other popping out of nowhere.

    Liv, your questions are very good ones indeed. Funny, the 16th of September is election day for us. We are going to ask our government the same questions that day [can you read the sarcasm in my voice?].

    Once again, thank you all so very much. It means so much for us to know that there are people out there who are thinking of us and keeping their fingers crossed.

  5. Sophia, I have just now been watching the news about the fires. Devastating!!!! They also showed this village cut off with fires closing in and the people throwing buckets of water at it, which seemed futile. Terrified people taking “cover” on the basket ball court. Then they showed the village(didn’t catch the name..F..something I think) the next day. The fires somehow had stopped just short of the village, right up to the houses.
    They also showed some politician takling …..crap. He should stop talking and start doing, as well as losing his salary for this last week. Keep safe!!!!

  6. Liv, I saw an article about a man in Greece who put out a fire near his village with his wine reserve. They had run out of water so he went to his wine stash. He saved their village.
    That man should be president. ; )

    You can read about it here.

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