Kitty in the City

So I get off the plane at Gatwick and instead of going straight to my friend’s house what do you think I did? I’ll give you a hint. I had to pass through London on the way there.

 I got off the train and put my luggage in storage for the day and had myself a walk about. I got there early in the morning and called Liv to tell her not to worry about me for dinner. I got on one of those double decker buses and went upstairs to the very first seat and plonked down for about an hour of sightseeing. I meant to get off near Picadilly but got tempted by the Houses of Parliament and got off there. From there I wandered into the Westminster Abbey. Stayed in there for a couple of hours.

Then I just walked and walked and walked until it felt like my muscles were going to fall off the bones. About ten hours of it. I’ve noticed that boots are big this year. So are leggings and fedoras. All the guys have this windswept hair style that looks much like this chicken hairdo I’d shape on the kids when they were babies.

When it got dark I hopped the one hour train to Liv’s and dozed off while this guy with a Cockney accent chatted away. He sounded just like the Geico gekko. I dreamed that little lizard was sitting on my shoulder talking to me. It was quite amusing.  



26 thoughts on “Kitty in the City

  1. If I had gone straight to Liv’s I know I would have gone to sleep. At about 4 PM I got so tired I was regretting my little sidetrip.

    Here are some funny words and phrases I’ve heard today:
    Rat-assed: drunk
    skint: broke
    peckish: hungry

    Let me put that in a sentence: I’m peckish because I’m skint from getting rat-assed.
    I just cracked myself up and spit all over Liv’s screen. Sorry Liv.

  2. We have a saying, “I don’t give a rat’s ass…”

    Me, always trying to figure out the origin of things, I see the relationship of the two sayings. There must be a state of uncaring, “rat assed.”

    Over the summer while in France I mentioned “shit or get off the pot” to my friend and her buddies. They kept laughing and saying it over and over again.

  3. my neighbor (female) constantly uses the expression “crap a brick,” such as in … You will crap a brick when I tell you who is going to Paris next week for two weeks.

  4. Yes, i’m going to Paris for two weeks. But, Kit, right now I’m the one crapping a brick. I had been told a company that I have been invited to visit is only an hour and a half maybe two hours outside of Paris by car. Thought nothing of it. But, I just looked at a map wondering what city they might be in. The book has a picture of the Ange Souriant on the page. I started shaking… it’s Reims. Never in a million years would I expect to go back there. You know of my experience there, with that medal and the holy water.
    That damn Angel is not smiling. It’s laughing at me.

  5. LOL Brut, the Hail Mary cookie save. That was a funny story.
    The first time I drove in France was from Paris to Reims. A blinding rainstorm, a flailing windshield wiper and two screaming little girls. But we made it.
    There are some World War One battlegrounds and things like that to visit near there if you like that sort of stuff. I recommend going to Verdun.

  6. Talking of expressions, I have one gruesome I like. Can’t recall where I heard it. When I’m less than pleased with someone, I think to myself (or tell them) ” Hope you shit razor blades”.

  7. Wow. You don’t say “peckish” there.

    Peckish is usually if you are a little hungry and could do a snack but not a full meal.

    Drunk: pissed, smashed, blind, hammered, legless, shit faced.

  8. Hi Kitty!
    Last year my friend went to London and I get this call and he says, ” hey Anita, look up my travel info an give my hotel location to this guy ( the cab he tells )

    Why can’t you give it to him yourself, didn’t you print that info out? ”

    And he says, ” Yeah, but I’m to drunk to read it. ”



  9. My guess is my FORMER (just kidding) good friend wasn’t sober enough to figure something like that out.

    I didn’t ask.

    I was too busy planning on ways to torture him when he got home.

  10. AJ, I don’t think anyone here says peckish. Maybe in other parts of the country?

    Anita Marie, I need to get your phone number in case I get drunk and lost. : )

  11. Sure Kitty- just make sure you stick to the script and slur into the phone over and over again ” Anita…is that you? For Real? Hey is this really Anita? Okay, swear you’re Anita first…cause like this is REALLY IMPORTANT”

    You need to do this for about three minutes.

    Just an FYI

  12. Love ice cream.
    Next time it’s going to have to be a visit to “The Hyde”. It just needs to rain.

    Max, I’m not into scatology, although some research material have been thrown my way at times. If you can call my mother I’ll be impressed!!! Don’t forget to say “Rest in peace”.

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