On my first day at Liv’s house she kept saying we needed to nip into town so she could get some eyedrops. I looked at her eyes and they seemed fine, but she kept saying they were not okay.

We get to Boots drugstore, an amazing place (so amazing that our Target stores here in the States have a Boots aisle). Liv shows me No 7 Protect and Perfect Serum, a face cream so damn good that Boots couldn’t keep it on the shelves when it was highlighted on some tv show there. They were fully stocked when we went and there was a sign that they were no longer limiting it to one per customer.

I had to get some of that, although at $30 per tube, it was a painful decision to put it in the basket. When I realized it was “buy 2 get one free”, I ended up committing $60 for 3 tubes. Don’t know why it is, but that took the sting out of it.

Lest I forget what we went there for, I wandered off on my own to find some eyedrops for Liv. The eyedrop section made my eyes bulge. The choices were mind boggling. There must have been about 20 different types of drops. Why so many?

Upon closer inspection, I realized that my eyes were also fucked up and I must buy some of this stuff.

How stupid of me to neglect my eye whites? I’d been chasing down tooth whiteners since those things came out and here are the Brits alrealdy past that and working on bright eyes to match.

There are the types that promise to make them bright, brilliant, or dazzling…

Or if you want that special touch, drops to turn them blue…

I tried both of these products. Did they work? Well they made my eyes sting for starters. Then my eyelids turned red and itchy. I think my eyeballs were brighter, especially with the contrasting redness around them.

And what about that No 7 Serum? So far, it has made my skin feel very dry. This is similar to the effect of using Retin A for the first time. I hope once that outer layer of skin sloughs off, I’ll experience the “perfect” part of the deal.

Sometimes it’s fun to put skepticism on hold and just believe in these little miracle products. For a few days at least.


14 thoughts on “Booted

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  2. I like the drops. They’re very soothing on my eyes, and if they brighten them up too, well that’s called a bonus. I like the blue one too. (surprise) The whites turn bluey white.(slightly) I have used them on and off loads of times over the years, always soothing, and if you’ve been on a bender (period of drinking) they’ll get rid of the red eye.
    Can’t believe your skin has turned dry using that cream Kitty! I’ve used it every day and it’s a lot softer!!! In 4 weeks my wrinkles should look less like Grand Canyon too. They’ve just done a commercial about it: “Elbows & ribcages & innovate use of handbags, because half a million women can’t be wrong”. The clip is of women fighting to get to the cream.

  3. Funny about Boots, Kitty – I was walking in a Shoppers Drug Mart here and suddenly felt all weird – disoriented – realized that I was staring at a shelf full of imported Boots organic stuff that I hadn’t seen since I’d left London. Used to be in Boots practically every day some weeks – on Hollyway Road in London and those were not always happy times so it was just weird to be staring at those products again… I’m over it now – just can’t bring myself to spend the coin on the stuff right now though.

    Oh, and there’s a Boots mentioned in my newest screenplay so it was fun to read about you being in one lol

  4. Yeah Michele, I’m still using it. It’s good stuff.
    But I hear what you’re saying, I do tend to buy things while caught up in the moment too and not use them.

    Sulya, I am a Boots addict. There’s a 3 story one in Picadilly Square that we vistit every time we go to London. That and the Virgin MegaStore across the street and we’re good to go.
    I can’t believe I’m finding myself missing London…

  5. LOL Liv!

    That reminds me, tell Thomas and “Bruce” I said “Hi.”

    I wish you would start a blog and write about your students from all over the world. That is one of the coolest things about going to your house, the cultural exchange. It’s better than youth hostels because they are of all ages and backgrounds.
    The fashion designer from Tokyo…The television producer from Kazakstan…the spoilt rich guy from Cyprus who looked like a convict…

    Of course, the way you tell your stories about them is just golden. You’ve got treasure there, girl.

  6. “Bruce” & Tomas says “Hi” back. I found one of my previous students on Face off. I’m sure you remember me telling you about him. 16 year old boy from Russia, but you’d think you were talking to a 22 – 23year old. Real nice. Very good looking too. Didn’t want to go back home to his mother’s cooking. At the school they have to fill in forms about their stay before they leave, rating from 1 to 5 stars. The school told me he’d added another 5 on the food bit. Anyway, he’s got one more year at uni in Russia, then he hopes to do a masters at London school of economics. (was there this summer but worked real hard, all days and evenings)
    Don’t forget to mention that the convict looking spoilt rich guy from Cyprus was really sweet and kind. Scared the shit out of me when I saw him get out of the taxi though. Thank God I got a huge German Shepard was my first thought.

  7. Oh, meant to tell you. As I was walking back from the dentist yesterday, rounding the corner by the side entrance to Bhs (British Home Stores) I saw a mass of people. I waded through and there in the centre were 4 policemen holding down this crazy looking, struggeling man. Shit!!! I missed the main action. Story of my life really, but never one to be floored (great pun ha-ha) by a scene, I smiled at the policemen (as you do) and walked right through the empty circle that was around the action and the people. Mind you, my head was floating from the diazepam I have to take to get me anywhere a dentist.

  8. I just can’t get that image of the Cyprus guy out of my head. And that spike collar he had on, wooooo.

    You think they were trying to drag the crazy struggling man into your dentist’s office? Just sayin’, you know.

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