ET Phone Home

Blane works in the telecom industry and was just telling me about some really cool things he’s involved with. Usually this stuff is way over my head, but here’s something I can use to call my friends abroad.

Jaxtr is an application that allows you to put a widget on your facebook page (or blog or whatever you internet network with). You can then call someone from any phone, landline or mobile, and it bridges the call to your friend’s phone. Although the call is intitiated by using the widget, you talk on phones. Jaxter gives 100 free minutes per month.

Your friends and family can also click on this widget to call you. No one can actually ring your phone unless you pre-approve their phone number. Incoming calls from non approved numbers are routed to your Jaxter voicemail. So there are no worries about annoying calls. Also, your number stays private.

I’ve tried it and it does work. If you have a facebook page and you know my real name, look me up and add me as a friend. From there you can check out the widget.

Another phone service Blane told me about is I signed up for that too, not sure exactly how it works, but it doles out phone numbers that you can use for a lifetime. From there, you link this number to any phone. Google just acquired them and there are some changes going on for the moment so there is a waiting list for services. So far, the people who have been able to use it are pleased with it.

So get your geek on and try out some of the new phone stuff out there.


24 thoughts on “ET Phone Home

  1. I’m wondering how it will affect Skype? It sure is much easier, and you don’t have to use a special phone.
    I’m not sure how it works with dial up users who don’t have a mobile since it does tie up that line.

  2. I switched phone companies and I got a huge (250.+) bill and the bill came the first week of having the phone. So I’ll be on the phone for a couple of hours Mon. sorting that out. I should call them from the free service!

  3. Given than twenty years (or less) ago making an international call was not only expensive, but it was also EXPENSIVE. And you had to keep it short. When the lines were not busy like hell. Now, being able to call wherever you want for free does sound ET calling home.

    The only thing about this application, Kit, is that it doesn’t work for dial-up. Tried it for my cell, it asks you to state your carrier, it seems that so far they do only USA carriers, so I couldn’t do that either. Guess I have to stick to phone cards for a little while longer… or get cable.

  4. Funny that Blane is into telecoms – my other half is too. His angle is all into emergency preparedness, safety in cities and wireless tecnologies at the moment, and he’s more of a policy guy than a tech but he loves the tech and one of his colleagues is all over these new internet telephone technologies… I’ll see if he knows about either one of these in the morning…

    Thanks for the tip bella.

    Hey, where in London is that photo taken – it’s feeling really familiar, like I’ve stood there, but I can’t place it… Gonna’ drive me nuts actually…

  5. Sulya, it was on Haymarket Street or one or two streets over.

    Sophia, sorry to hear this thing isn’t working for you. I’ll have to see if I can dial your phone from my widget. I don’t know if you also have to be signed up for the service for me to call you.

    AJ, I’m wondering if you can use this service where you are?

    Jen, it seems like my mobile provider screws up our bill every month. It takes about an hour of phone hell to straighten it out so I just can’t wait to switch carriers when my contract runs out.

  6. Am looking into it today.

    Kit, I feel sorry for the Dunkin Donuts at Piccadilly Circus since the closure of Regent’s Place. I am damn sure many a backpacker opted for the two donuts and a cappucino $3 special there for breakfast on the go.

  7. You know that Dunkin Donuts right across the street is still there, too. They are working on that building, so it is hard to see under all that scaffolding, but it is still there and still full of people.

  8. Oh great! Now I am craving a Dunkin Donuts. I have no idea where one would be in LA. Did Diane Sawyer pick their coffee in a blind taste test? I really could go for a cup a joe right now. No more reading your blog before breakfast! LOL

  9. okay, i’m talking off the top of my head here… i’m not technical. But, my friend in europe has a software program that allows him (if you ever let him use your computer) to control the remote control of your television and cable modem. He gets an image of your remote on his computer screen and then click on it to watch whatever is on your cable syatem, on his tv. works great with the time differences. you don’t even know. of course if you are watching tv when he is on he can drive you nuts by switching your channel and playing with your volume. he can also see what you are watching or have recorded. when i had the recording studio my engineers always said if there was an elecrtic wire connection they could break in. now i believe them.

  10. Bordeaux, a good excuse as any. Is that how your friend managed to hack into your cable modem?

    My friend from Paris called me today and here you are writing in from Paris.
    Maybe Paris misses me as much as I miss the place?
    Okay I’m reaching here. Have a glass of wine for me too, Brut.

  11. ummm, i’m into the Bordeaux in Montreal. What’s a few miles?
    Paris in three dodos.
    But, i’ll have a glass of rouge for you anyway.
    Don’t forget to ask your friend about renting her place. Our lease is up in Dec.

  12. Sophia and I tried Jaxter using our widgets on and it totally works. I called her from mine and the sound was excellent.
    She called me from hers and it was the same.
    After I made my call to her, the widget gave me a local number to call her next time. I have not tried that yet, but I don’t think I actually need to be online to make the call to her next time.
    I’ll let you all know how that works (Sophia’s husband is sleeping and we don’t want to wake him with all these ringing phones.

    Blane says Jaxter plans to stop giving away free minutes in the future. For now you get about 100 free minutes per month.

  13. Yay!!! That was fun. I’m sitting in front of my computer in the wee hours and all of a sudden my mobile phone starts ringing, I pick it up and I hear that cute, little voice “Sophia?”. LOL!! Oh, and we did not wake him up. I told him this morning, he shook his head and said that he wants Blane’s number then so men get even šŸ˜‰

    That thing is really cook, Kitty. But I wonder what their profit is if they charge you only one local call for each international one you make, or even worse if they do not charge you at all.

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