What the FCUK?!

We’ve been seeing these t-shirts over the last few years in England. My kids would point out every one of them.

Tricky on the eyes isn’t it?

FCUK, short for French Connections UK is actually a hip clothing store which also has its own hair care and frangrance lines.

The Tubes are completely taken over with the smell of FCUK.

Which isn’t bad since that stuff is really good.

I never thought we could get away with those FCUKing shirts in this country, never in my wildest dreams thought they’d open a French Connections shop here, but I did spot one while in New Orleans last spring.

But… FCUS?

Doesn’t translate, does it? That tricks the eye and FCUKs with the head.

While in Target this evening I saw something unusual. A lip enhancing gloss called—

Sexy Mother Pucker.

Made by Soap and Glory.

Sxe is such a sellout. I mean, sxe sells.

I think I’ll go clean out my spam folder.


8 thoughts on “What the FCUK?!

  1. You know, I’m pretty liberal, but this bothers me a bit because, as a famed Frenchie pointed out, America is all about sex yet they know nothing about sex.”

    WE get pissed off over Janet Jackson’s exposed tittie gaffe and some chick’s outfit on Southwest Airlines, yet our magazine racks are lined with pics of women dressed in little more than cheese cloth. We blush at topless girls on the beach yet there’s all sorts of sex floating on the regular channels now, we get pissed off at seeing a woman breast feeding her child yet, well, you get the point!…And now this….I mean, come on! What the hell is wrong with us!!!!!

  2. LOL Stil, I couldn’t believe Southwest did that to that girl.

    I’ve taken my daughters to topless beaches in France since they are really little (we didn’t go topless, however). People are really silly about breasts, they are for feeding babies after all, right?

  3. LOL Stiletto.
    Hey, you have got to do something about your blog. You must be missing out on a ton of comments. I even opened Netscape to see if that would make a difference but it didnt.

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