The Wonderful World of Sisters

Not too long ago Spanky, Sweetpea, and I were in the car. Spanky, in the backseat asks Sweetpea to advance the CD to a certain track.

Sweetpea gives her little sister a knowing grin and laughs:

Sweetpea: Got ya heart broken, huh?

Spanky: …

I know I missed out by not getting a sister. Don’t tell me any different.


9 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Sisters

  1. Ahhhhh…. There is so much in that, yet there’s nothing to be said. Give Spanky an extra good hug from Auntie Liv. Certain songs give you that added hurt to your pain that you can’t help but enjoying in a heartbreaking way.

  2. You pine for a sister all you want Kitty – but unless that ellipses after Spanky’s name there is a stand in for “F–k off already and put on the damn song…” They’re nothing like me and my sister LOL

    (Glad she’s feeling better though…)

  3. ‘“F–k off already and put on the damn song…”’

    Well a similar reaction is what I was expecting.
    But Sweetpea was right and Spanky for once in her life was silent.

  4. You missed out by not getting a sister (see? I didn’t tell you any different). But a sister won’t teach you how to steal paint or how to spit the furthest. Or which kick and punch hurt the most. (I have to admit, though, that Sweetpea here was such a sweetheart. For a moment I felt like I missed out too).

  5. I’d hoped my second child would also be a girl in order to “be there” for her big sister throughout their lives. When I was bestowed by a son I wondered how the sibling relationship would evolve. They’ve had their “off” times, but as two teenagers four years apart they now get along famously as bro and sis – with much admiration, secrets and sharing. As with so many things, I believe sibling relationships are made or broken by parenting.

  6. My sister has come thorough for me when the chips are down – but day to day I would say I haven’t been as fortunate as Spanky to have a sister who just “gets it” and “gets me”. There is good parenting there for sure, the nurturing of connection, but I get the impression there is also just a good fit with those two gals of yours Kitty (smile)…

  7. Soph, you really really missed out by not getting a brother or sister.

    Daily, I had four brothers and we were clan. They were like my bodyguards. As teens we hung out together as friends.

    Michele, I’ve had my fair share of fights with my brothers, really bad ones with scratches and bruises. Name calling. My girls do fight, but not too often. It seems as if the elementary school years were the worst. I was always having to pull them apart back then.

    Sulya, that’s what it’s all about, coming through when the chips are down. The girls are total opposites and I often wonder if they “get” each other. They disagree on almost everything. What is not fun is when they gang up on us (the parents).
    There are days when I see them rolling their eyes in unison or laughing at something I’ve done.

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