Save The Kransekake! (with recipe)

Liv is my friend in England who is Norwegian. When her son got married, he had one request:


Kransekake I think means Norwegian Wedding Cake. If you have ever had it, call yourself lucky. It is not a cake like we are used to eating here, more of a… Hmmm. Cookie? Tart?

Special pans are used to make 18 rings, all different sizes. They stack one on top of the other with the smallest one on top. Reminds me of one of those Fisher Price toys the kids used to play with when they were babies.

Here’s a photo of her set of pans she uses to make it.

Anyway, Liv made these rings and on the day of the wedding she assembled it but it was too tall to bring without falling all over the place. We had to take the top part of the tower down and bring it in two parts to the reception hall.

She gives me the cake and makes me sit in the back. Carefully. These things are fragile. Then she drives like a maniac through town because we are running out of time. We still need to assemble and decorate the thing once we get there. Then go back home and get ready for the wedding.

We go down that crazy narrow road with the brick wall that always makes me scream if another car is coming at us.

And it seems as if cars are purposesly trying to hit us because I have this fragile thing in my hands. We’re dodging cars, making sharp turns on shortcut paths and I keep hearing our wheels squeal. I may be swaying from side to side, but dammit, that kransekake is safe.

If you are in England and see this sticker on the back of some blonde’s car, I’ve warned you. I’m just kidding. Liv is a great driver.

We made it alive and the Kransekake survived without a blemish. I got to decorate it with the ribbons and flowers.

Is that special or what?

Here is how to make it:

For the Cake Mix:
1/2 kg of almonds (ground)
1/2 kg of icing sugar (this is powdered sugar)
4 eggwhites

Yes, I am too lazy to type that up, plus Liv has this ancient recipe and I think it’s too cool not to show the real thing.

So here is how it looks once the dough is rolled out like a snake and you put it in the pan. Liv dusts the greased pans with semolina flour, or something like that.

Then she takes the top of the dough rings and makes these peaks, like so:

While that is baking I go around and get a few snapshots of stuff I like in her house:

A little bottle of Scandinavian booze.

The only brand of butter Liv ever buys (Scandinavian).

And proof, PROOF that Diet Dr. Pepper is sold in England. Spanky and Sweetpea said I was nuts looking for that stuff over there last summer.

Okay. The moment these cakes are done in the oven? You smell them. It is like magic. You don’t even really need a timer, just a nose. It is that reliable.

This is what it looks like coming out of the oven.

Here is how to make the icing to drizzle over the rings.


1 egg white
100 gr. (2dl) of icing sugar (powdered sugar)

You do not assemble them in a stack until the icing has hardened. Liv iced hers the night before.

Now here is the happy couple, Klaus and Leanne.

The bride is a singer and has a bunch of very talented singer friends who sang some amazing karaoke at the reception. I was just amazed at the entertainment there by guests. She kicked it off with an incredible cover of Cabaret. I had forgotten she was a singer, so when these people kept coming up and performing these difficult songs I was wondering, is this real?

It was.

One of the best parts of going to visit friends from different cultures is cooking with them, celebrating things with them, dancing, laughing, singing (okay, i did not dare sing with that lineup of talent, no way), driving with them, or just going grocery shopping together.

Now here is a little test to see how well you know me. Guess which one of these things I did not do while in England:

Clean Liv’s oven
Drink tea
Spend the day in London by myself
Wake up at 8 AM


19 thoughts on “Save The Kransekake! (with recipe)

  1. That cake looks delicious. But doesn’t it make you want to push it with the tip of your finger slightly but yet strong enough to make it tip over ‘causing the rings to scatter around and you to enjoy it like a two year old and to want to repeat the same ritual again and again? So, how does it taste like? (Btw, Lurpak rocks).

    Klaus and Leanne look so beautiful. And happy. May they live a long, happy marriage and may they give Liv a grandchild by her birthday.

    Oh, and Kit, I pick the tea. You did not drink tea. With Dr. Pepper there, I doubt you would give a cup of tea a thought.

  2. You are a winner, Sophia!
    That is correct, Liv is not English, so she does not drink tea, she drinks coffee. So I drank coffee (and Pepper Zero).

    The cake tastes like a macaroon. It is extremely addictive, you can’t just eat one bite. No, you keep going back for more and more and more.

  3. Kitty, you did such a beautiful job in decorating the kransekake, pity all those tiny cream roses you put in all down the cake didn’t show up in the picture very well. Thank you SO much for that!!!! I guess the game is up on what you did. Previous blog entry: you walked around London all day on your own. Tea and 8am is gone. Yes, she cleaned my oven door!!!! It’s amasing, I can now see what I’m cooking. I will try to keep it clean in the future. I am using those cleaning sponges all over the place. Dr Pepper Zero is relatively new here, that’s why your girls didn’t think you’d find any.
    To everyone out there, don’t believe a single word Kitty says about my driving. With that presious cargo in the back (Kitty & Cake) I drove like I was driving a herse, and warned Kitty that if anyone hit us and wrecked my son’s wedding cake, a Viking fury worse than anything seen before would be launched.
    Hearing Leanne sing is an experience. Gives me goose pimples every time. I made her promise to sing Ave Maria at my funeral. I’m tempted to say “I can’t wait” . I’ll be sitting up in my coffin to listen. And if nobody sheds tears for me, she’ll make them cry as her voice is so moving. Hopefully she’ll have plenty of time to pratice.

  4. Viking fury, that is what is missing from this post. The funniest part. Glad you remembered it, girl.
    Your memory isn’t that bad after all.

    Hey, you can just get married again and have Leanne sing Ave Maria at the wedding. You are quite a long way off from the grims.

  5. Me marry again????? You’re gone stark raving mad girl!!!!! I know, when I do make mistakes, I make them big time, but I’m not so stupid as to repeat them!!! Rather be dead than make another one like that. Freedom is too valueable, so is peace, contentment and a whole lot of other good stuff.
    It was you mentioning driving with the cake that reminded me of the Viking fury. Glad it didn’t need to come out. Would have given me a headache.

  6. That cake looks delish.

    I thought about guessing “waking up at 8am”, but realized that can not be possible when you do not go to bed by 8 am. So, yeah, it must be the tea.

  7. Hey, Kitty, just stopping in to say “hello” while I avoid doing any work this weekend. Read your post about your silver anniversary. That was very sweet. Hubby and I will celebrate our 30th this December. The marriage has even survived two teenagers!

    We moved from Texas in 1999–believe it or not–and now our two kiddos are almost grown. Our daughter is a freshman in college this year in Colorado, and our son is a senior in high school. I must say that I’m looking forward to being an empty nester!

    So, what’s up with you these days? Are you still day-trading? How does the writing go?

    And that cake looks yummy!

  8. Haven’t done any trading since January of 2001. Got out while the getting out was good. I think I stopped novel writing around the time you left. Always wondered what happened to you and how things were going so it is great to hear from you.

    I’ve been doing a little real estate and some screenwriting. Not a paid writer. Yet. LOL.
    I’ve joined an amazing online screenwriters workshop and am learning so much.

    But I see you’ve had some things published and have your own writing classes. That’s so great to hear, you have so much talent. I’ll have to spend a little more time on your website and see what that’s all about. Congrats to you.

    My “little ones” are now teens. Time flies. But we’re still in Texas. Are you still in the Southwest?

  9. Wake up at 8.00 am!!! Not likely, I live next door to Liv and
    I should know. Wedding cake was unbelieveably yummy and moorish. I don’t normally like cakes but this one was just out of this world!!! Come to think of it – it’s almost worth getting married for 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time just for the cake!!!

  10. Kate, flattery will get you something!
    Kitty, You might manage 8am, but 9 is the crack of dawn to me. Can’t see myself up and about at that hour. I’ve tried every Wednesday all summer. No can do!

  11. Love that cake too. It’s not just eaten for weddings, but also for Christmas, on 17th May (Norway’s national day) and generally speaking for all special occasions. Gorgeous stuff…

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