Blane has a cousin from Austin who is a spoken word poet. He’s damn good, and last week he was a featured artist in a Dallas slam. He’s been featured here before, but last week was the first time I actually got to see him perform before a crowd.

Actually, this was my very first live slam, ever. It was in a tiny soda shoppe in an artsy downtown district. We got there so unfashionably early that we got seats in the front row. We were stupid enough to keep these seats. I wish we’d sat in the back. Just to look at people’s reactions to this stuff.

Anyway, the cousin’s specialty is erotic poetry. And man, it is rough. So rough his slam buddies call him “Shameless.”

So that’s his stage name. Shameless.

I knew his stuff was, you know. He’d recited his poetry to me before and I’ve read his chap books (these are self-published poetry books they sell at the door). So did his new girlfriend who was sitting all the way in the back. She’d at least read his stuff. So says. This was her first time watching it though. Maybe her first slam.

The host introduces him to the audience and when Shameless grabs the mic, a lady to my left says, “They call him Shameless, but look, he already blushin’.”

He was. I don’t know what sort of energy his girlfriend was emitting from way back there, but it must have been some negative mojo for that dude’s face to turn so red. Half-way during his performance, she walked out of the place. She wouldn’t even come back in to get the car keys from him. She texted him for that.

This is what happens when you tell someone you’ve read their work and you haven’t.

Talk about a slam.


17 thoughts on “Shameless

  1. I don’t know. They were supposed to stay overnight at our house, but she insisted he drive back home that night. That is a 3 hour drive. LOL.

    I haven’t talked to him since. Maybe I’ll send him a link to this blog…Just need to find his email address.

  2. When I was in forensics in high school, my debate partners cheeks would turn bright red as soon as he started presenting and arguing our case. Some people just let their nerves show in strange ways. ‘Course it didn’t help that girl friend was sitting in the room for Mr. Shameless.

  3. I’ve encountered people who tell you they’ve read your work but haven’t. This sounds really intense though – that it would make her leave and drive three hours home… Wow. I just hope Shameless stays shameless and gets back up on that stage.

    And, I’m VERY curious to know what the heck he was saying – great marketing Kitty! You should take a percentage (wink).

  4. It was erotic stuff, not fllthy or demeaning. Beautiful, but adult and mature.
    Even though he was going through all that while up on that stage, he never missed a beat. I had no idea what was going on because I couldn’t see her face. But he could.
    I just thought that was so funny that Shameless was blushing.

    I’ve been trying to get him to get his work published, he’s thinking about it.
    The thing is, this is spoken word poetry. He loves doing it and it is what got him through a painful divorce. A lot of his work is also about failing relationships.

  5. At first I thought what a lousy girlfriend, to just leave her mate’s performance just like that. But then I thought about it again. Would I like to be in her shoes? My boyfriend (who goes by a nickname that states he can do or say almost anything) performing erotic poems before a live crowd where everybody knows I’m his girlfriend? Even if he’s blushing. Maybe I wouldn’t. On the other hand, if I had read his poems, maybe I would have. She could have taken the car keys with her, though. I hope she’s more supportive when it’s only the two of them.

  6. I don’t know if these two are still together, Soph.
    Maybe she did just chicken out. I don’t know. Seems more like she just didn’t really read the poems.

  7. Oh gosh that is hilarious ( you know I am warped) I sometimes read the first and last ten pages of a script and BS my way through meetings/ phone conversations, until I get hard cash… it’s horrible and fun. I could have never listen to Shameless erotic poetry in a crowd, I start laughing like a lunatic and have to be removed.

  8. Next time he comes to town I’ll get a video of his performance (if he allows it).
    There are none on the web, I checked.

    It’s great to know there is so much interest. I’ll tell him.

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