Taking Back Sunday Letting Go Of Fred

It was no great shock on October 4th that Taking Back Sunday (TBS) announced Fred Mascherino quit their band. The last two times I saw them live, Fred carried them through the show.

Fred was their guitarist and co-vocalist. Even though the spotlights were always focused on the band’s frontman Adam Lazzara – with his good looks and swinging mic act – my eyes were drawn to Fred. He was the one doing most of the vocals while busting ass on that guitar.

It wasn’t always like this. About a year ago, we saw them just after Louder Now was released. Lazzara’s voice was in form. I didn’t even notice Fred too much. Since then, Lazzara’s voice has been in and out, but mostly out. The last two shows, he seemed like a puppet on stage, mostly lip singing to Fred’s vocals. That’s how it looked to me, and it was interesting to watch these guys cover it up. Even more fascinating was that the fans didn’t seem to care or maybe they were just willing to cut Lazzara some slack. I certainly did. Thing is, he wasn’t just hoarse, he lacked energy.

Unlike poor Fred (left, with the white guitar).

I don’t know how TBS will manage without Fred, especially if they will be touring anytime soon. He also wrote a good chunk of their music. Hopefully Lazzara will rest his voice and keep putting out new music. TBS says they are working on a new album.

So what is Fred up to now? Launching his solo career with his band, The Color Fred. I know, that name is just so blah. His first album, Bend to Break will be released on October 30th. There are a few songs on his website and MySpace page to sample. It sounds a bit more acoustic than the new rock he was doing with TBS. If you click this link to preorder, you might be able to score an autographed copy of the CD.


11 thoughts on “Taking Back Sunday Letting Go Of Fred

  1. Love to comment, as you know, but I haven’t got a clue who you’re talking about, and I’m not that bothered that i’ll try to find out. BUT, it seems I have just made a comment. And I am very happy there’s no more deadly dreams or haunted houses. I was afraid to open your blog.

  2. Oh well, I’ll sweeten the tone then. Were you with me when I noticed that new french bakery in town? Well, after my visit to the dentist a couple of weeks ago I felt in need of comfort food. What better place than that bakery? Got 5 different cakes. I felt greatly comforted.

  3. Yeah, Liv, you showed me that place but it was closed for the day.
    I could use 5 different cakes right now, tonight is the big homecoming dance and Sweetpea will be out on the road.
    I’m trying not to sweat it, but the roads are dangerous on a night like this (lots of teens drinking and driving).

  4. I know that worry. It NEVER stops. I hope she’s had (having in your time zone) a great time and comes home safe and sober. Please send me a photo of her in her dress. Bet she’s stunning! let me know when she gets back, as now you got me worrying too, and I will worry even more if there’s no news when I log on in the morning.

  5. They all came back over here about two hours ago. Said the dance was lame.
    So they are all up in the media room watching some movie, about 12 of them. I am so glad they are here. Funny thing is Spanky (two years younger than the rest of them) is in the middle of it all and every once in a while I hear her yelling something like, “Y’all are ruining my childhood!” or “I don’t have any duct tape, just packing tape!”

  6. I had to ask.

    They were watching that old movie Beetlejuice and someone said something bad about the movie. Since this is one of her favorites, she told them they were ruining her cherished thoughts on the film, thus ruining her childhood.

    Then they were making a lot of noise and Spanky said, “Silence is golden…duct tape is silver.” Poor Spanky told me she went and got her packing tape and threatened to shut them up with it.

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