When I was a kid, the only time we were allowed to jump on the beds was when my mother changed out the sheets. She’d make a big deal out of parachuting them so we could have a big bubble to pounce on or we could crawl under the “tent” that lasted 5 seconds. Then she’d tell us to stop or we’d ruin the mattress.

Of course we did not believe that jumping on the bed would ruin anything. When she wasn’t around, her king-sized bed was our wrestling arena. We would also play a game where we had to stand stiffly and fall back onto the mattress without flinching while yelling, “Timberrrrrrrr.”

I understand her not wanting us to ruin her things. She knew she didn’t have the money to replace that mattress but every twenty years.

When my kids came along, I not only let them jump on the beds, I encouraged it.

Took photo evidence.

And man did they ruin those mattresses.

It happens so slowly over time that you don’t notice the damage. It took a visit from my father-in-law to make us realize that it was time to change them out. After spending one night in our guest room, he said “It felt like I slept in a rock garden last night.” He’s a funny guy, Popsie.


15 thoughts on “Jump!

  1. It’s even funnier when you bounce off and find yourself lying flat on the floor and then you have to fly back on the bed and repeat the same ritual over and over until you get yourself a bleeding-nose bonus. Yay!

  2. What a cute picture of Little Blane!!!!! It’s such a shame they grow up and become manly. That special cuteness factor is just lost by 3 or 4 years old. Although I still think my boy is cute as a button, he was a lot cuter up to 3. So enjoy it while he’s got it, all you with little boys. (girls stay cute forever)

  3. Can you believe that our Nintendo crazy little darlings are now grown, married men??!! It just seems like I’ve been hurled through a time warp…..
    Did you get the photos I emailed you?

  4. How cute! But what if you had a Tempur-pedic? Probably wouldn’t be as much fun.

    Well, I sure hope your mom let you guys lick the beaters more often than she allowed you to jump on the bed. Mmm – cake batter!

  5. Good question, Stil. We have a Tempur-pedic now (hate it), and no, it is not fun to jump on it. Don’t ask me how I know. : )

    Liv, you can send it to cinemagypsy at gmail dot com. ( I wrote it out like that because spammers have ways of getting email addresses written in the usual way).

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