This is Halloween

Here are some photos of Halloween yards taken last year:

This one had a Pirates of the Carribean theme.

The homeowner even dressed up and hung out in the yard to greet Trick-Or-Treaters. He told me he spends all his free time during the year making his decorations in his garage.

I like the distressed iron fence and faux column.

This yard was full of funny headstones.

And it was rigged with lightening that was sync’d to a thunder soundtrack.

We found this zombie cow roaming the neighborhood, hiding in the bushes and frightening the older trick-or-treaters.

This seems like a fun hobby. We used to have a guy in our other neighborhood who would turn his garage into a haunted house. He had fog and blacklights, monsters and cobwebs, music, the works.

I have more halloween yard photos here.


31 thoughts on “This is Halloween

  1. He was really funny, milking his own udders and acting the fool.

    Liv, I think you’d have fun. One family actually had a tent set up and gave out free drinks, brats, and hotdogs.

  2. I love your Halloween. I just love it. And I especially love how it inspires people to decorate their houses and yards. If I ask Trick-or-Treat, will you send me a candy?

  3. I LOVE people who take the time to decorate their yards! I am disproportianately impressed with the one string of blinking pumpkin lights my neighbour has up; I’d probably go into full cardiac arrest if I lived next to one of the really done up places.
    Last year was our first Halloween in this neighborhood. One neighbour set up a contained bonfire, a couple of houses had shots of Baileys for the grown-ups – definitely helped convince me that we’d made a good choice, real-estate wise! Now if we can only do it without the foot and a half of snow this year….

  4. Hey, thanks! What a great idea…walking around and taking pics of other people’s yards….and mind you, what a great form of exercise! Of course, I’ll be driving…

    PS Love the headstones!

  5. See, Liv, I told you that you’d have a good time.

    Yes, Sophia, I always give out candy. Just don’t forget to check it for razor blades, muhahahaha.

    Ginny, shots of Baileys? I’m going trick-or-treating in your neighborhood this year.
    On second thought, is it snowing there already by halloween?

    Stil, I’d like to drive around and find some of the really great decos on the “rich” side of town. My daughter tells me it is outrageous. Last year she went out there with her friends and came back with a sack full of king-sized cany bars.
    Us cheap bastards, we give out the minis.

  6. Yeah, Stil, especially if it is unwrapped. LOL!

    Boz, you should post a pic of Joe as Wolfman. I’d love to see that.

    I dressed Blane as Edward Scissorhands for a party the year that movie came out. Everyone at the party was hugging him and following him around.
    I need to find a pic of that and scan it in. It was awesome.

  7. Where I live, we get like 6 bunches of kids, and every year buy enough candy for 100 – just in case we get more! At least we are smart [or stupid] enough to buy the kinds we like. M&Ms, yay.

    One year it took us hours to figure out our doorbell wasn’t working. Oh well…

  8. Hiya GeekBetty, thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah Michele, just mail me those extra M&Ms.

    Anita Marie, glad I could make you smile.

    AJ, if my kids force me to take them to McDonald’s I get a Happy Meal. Mostly for the toy.

  9. Liv, you know who I think of every time I go to Burger King? Al. he wore the crown and all.
    Al was big on Krispy Kreme (KK), too.
    That is a whole blog post right there, Al at KK.

  10. Stil, I am pretty sure KK is putting some cocaine in those donuts because if you have one, you gotta have another the next day and the next… The only time I can control the KK urge is if I just haven’t had any in a while.

    Liv, there is a KK at Victoria Station in London. Have Kate go over and get some for you on her way back from work.

    AJ, I didn’t know you had KK over there. You may not have halloween, but dammit, you got Krispy Kreme.

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