Seventeen years ago today, Sweetpea belted out her first cry. It was an amazing thing, as all births are, but this one was different because it was obvious from that very first sound this kid had a set of pipes. It sounded operatic and gave me chills.

She doesn’t take voice lessons or have any interest in singing. That doesn’t disappoint me. I want my children to do what makes them happy.

Sweetpea has many talents, she plays the violin and electric guitar. She loves music and art. She paints and draws well. Here is a drawing she had to turn in to her art class today.

That’s Jimmi Hendrix, one of her favorite musicians. The text which doesn’t show up too well here says, “Freedom, Give it to me.”

That’s so Sweetpea. Always independent. Always doing things her way. I love that about her.

She can also text message faster than I can talk. One day I’ll do a YouTube video of that, it will blow your mind.

Everytime a friend of Sweetpea has a birthday, she makes them cupcakes. So I made her a big cupcake looking birthday cake today.


19 thoughts on “Seventeen

  1. WOW!!! I’m speechless here so there’s a long pause………………………………………..WOW again. I’m so into JH.(my hippy youth, but without the drugs) I knew she could draw, but that drawing captured something special. Klaus is coming over today and I can’t wait to show him. (JH fan too) If she ever has time, could she do one of Coburn? Either from memory, or I pick out a photo of him. Bet she got top marks in art class! Your cupcake cake has me drooling…. Love the stand too btw.
    HAPPY BIRTHADAY to Sweetpea!!! Don’t know how she became 17 so quickly. It’s only been 5 years for me. ( I keep away from mirrors)

  2. Liv, do you remember when you and Klaus came with me to the doctor when I had the ultrasound for Kara and found out she was a girl? Klaus sighed and looked at Blane Jr., told him, “Ugh, I’d rather have a dog.”
    One of the funniest lines ever.
    I’ll talk to her about doing a drawing of Coburn.

  3. Yes, I do remember that so well. (one of the few things I do remember) We were SOOO excited (the one you lost were on my mind) that there she was – real!! Well, Klaus got his wish too, (and I can hardly believe it) and now he’s “working” on a baby of his own – AND looking forward to it. I wish I’d written down all the funny & weird things those two boys of ours said. They were a bit of a double act. And I can’t believe it’s 17 years since that day.
    It’d be wonderful if she could draw Coburn, I’m sure she can capture his alert and loving personallity. I hope she’s having a fantastic day!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweetpea!!! Can’t believe it’s been seventeen years already. I knew you were talented, but geez you’re an amazing artist. Great taste in musicians!!!! I’m so proud to be your nanny.
    Kit, she gets her amazing talent from you as you’re an incredible artist and painter yourself.
    Love and miss you guys…….

  5. Happy birthday to your most talented Sweetpea. JM, if you hadn’t said it’s a drawing, I would have thought it’s a picture. I’m blown away. Hey, after she’s done with Liv’s Coburn, I want a drawing of you know who [whistles]

    Is there any of that gigantic cupcake left?

  6. Liv, I wish you’d written them down too. At times I did write down the funny things, just don’t know where I put them. LOL. Maybe in my journals. That’s what’s cool about blogging, you can write that stuff here and when they grow up, it’ll still be here.

    Hey Jill, I don’t paint or draw that well, but thanks for thinking it. : )
    Blane will be seeing you next week for your mom’s thing.

    Daily, is that your youngest or oldest turning 17? It’s amazing, how much they change each year, even when they are this old.

    Soph, yes, there is still some left. Come on over and have a bite. : )

    Thanks Boz and Michele, it is a white cake with chocolate fudge icing. Sweetpea loved the thing. She had a smile from ear to ear about it being made to look like a cupcake.

    Me, I have a mean paper cut from cutting those cupcake liners. Who would have thought those things are so sharp?

  7. The picture is great, except for one small point. She has him holding the guitar wrong. Jimmi was left handed, playing a right handed guitar upside down. That makes his ability even that much more amazing. But it is still an amazing piece of art!!

    Thanks for sharing her talent with the world. By the way, that’s an awesome birthday cake, too!

  8. This story was a feature post when I logged in this morning – congrats!

    As for my kids, I have a 16 yr-old daughter and 13-year-old son, so a few more years at home for both of them. But yeah, it goes far too fast.

  9. Hi Lee, thanks for pointing that out about Hendrix. She drew an image that was flipped, don’t remember why. When I pointed that out to her she said, “Hendrix played guitar left-handed, right handed, with his teeth, with his toes…”
    (If you look closely at the guitar, it is upside-down in her drawing)

    Daily, sounds like your kids are about the same age as mine. : )

    Hey Anita! You too, girl.

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