Visiting Hour

At least once per day I check all my peeps’ WordPress blogs. I used to just go to my own blogroll and click each one individually. I like looking at a blog on the writer’s homepage.

I knew about WordPress’ blog surfer (RSS reader for WordPress only blogs) on my admin page, but never used it until a few weeks ago. So if you are one of my WordPress pals and don’t see the usual click a day from me on your blog stats page, it doesn’t mean I’m not reading you. I am, in fact, with blog surfer, I don’t miss any posts unless you post more than once per day. I’m also using “My Comments” in the admin panel to keep up with comments I’ve left on your WordPress blogs.

Using blog surfer and my comments does not show up as any statistic on WordPress, btw, not since they put an end to feed stats.

Keep blogging people, it’s a nice break for me while I’m bricking it here, writing in my dark cave.


6 thoughts on “Visiting Hour

  1. Haven’t a clue what you’re on about, just want you to know I’m still here. Sent you an email earlier, it’s classified so say nothing.

  2. That splendid news is no longer classified. When they asked I said “spread the news of joy so all your friends can share it too, and ,God forbid, should anything go wrong, they’ll all be there for you. But it’s for you to deceide” They thought about that for a few hours, then told everyone. Hire the side of a building in New York and stick it up in neon!!!!

  3. But what about us poor LJers?

    We have something similar, a “Friends” page where ALL your friends entries are displayed, it’s pretty cool. Wish you were on LJ, I forget to cruise over to wordpress.

    I left WordPress over the picture fiasco, it seems to work better with mac than pc. Or I’m an idiot. Or something.

  4. Okay Liv, CONGRATULATIONS, you are getting a grandbaby! I’m thinking we should plan a trip to your place next year, just in time for the birth.
    With a side order of Download, of course.

    I know Cyndi, I forget the Blogger and LJ people. : (
    I’ll sign up for a reader such as Bloglines.

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