Big Diving Boards

While growing up, the big test of bravery was at the public swimming pool. The high diving board. If you could jump off that thing, you were officially a Big Kid. There was one big rule regarding the board (besides the ability to swim). Once you went up the big ladder, you had to jump. No going back. I’d like to say that is where I learned to be brave, but it is not. High diving boards are proving grounds for normal kids.Anyway, it was just something that crossed my mind today while taking the big jump to install Mac OS Leopard. I like taking risks, jumping in the deep water. Huge risks, but not stupid ones. I read the warning labels first. Skim through them. Thing is, the label better say “poison” on it, or I’m gonna try it. All is good so far except that it wiped out my print drivers. I did back up my hard drive before upgrading, so I’m not worried. The funny thing is, I had just gotten the software update from HP that allowed me to make draft copies instead of wasting a load of ink on every single document. That was yesterday. One day of printing bliss. Now that option is gone. Oh, and for some reason my blog admin page looks funny in my browser and is doing screwy things with paragraph breaks. Sorry to make you jump in with me. I’ll get it sorted out.


13 thoughts on “Big Diving Boards

  1. Any time you want someone to jump in with you, I’m present and available (as long as you can quarantee that we won’t end up in the big, horrifying jaws of a huge, white shark).

  2. You are a brave girl. I don’t even do upgraes on time. Maybe because I am in IT – I do not trust things to work early on. Seen too many software errors.

    Hope you get that printer working right soon.

  3. The high dive at the public pool in the town where I grew up actually sat on top of a concrete structure that housed all the pool maintenance “stuff.” It seemed those two diving boards were two stories tall! I never got the nerve to dive from one, but I would jump and cannonball. I watched a “big kid” who was probably 16 take a running start and arch-dive into the water. The spring he got out of that board was incredible and it sent him into the air for what seemed like forever. Of course most, if not all, high dives at public pools have been banned because they’re such a huge liability.

  4. Soph, you don’t know the trouble you’re getting into. : )

    Liv, believe it or not, I installed some internal memory on Sweetpea’s new computer last week. I still can’t believe how easy it was. It did remind me of fitting Legos together. It is getting really simple.

    Michele, remember service pak 2? It made me cry.

    Daily, what a shame, I didn’t know that about high dives.

  5. We lost printer driver too! I am haven’t done it on this laptop and I won’t upgrade zach’s at all. In fact I am so tempted to pass this on to Z and donate his ibook. That would mean I need a new computer! What’s a draft copy?

  6. You should be able to just reload your printer the installation disks the printer came with and reload the hp stuff you just got and it should all work. If it does not work, check the hp site for patches they are good about providing those as free downloads on site.

  7. Jen, those iMacs are beautiful if you are thinking of getting a desktop. Sweetpea has one and now my computer which used to look so cool looks like a jalopy.

    Max, thanks. I reloaded the drivers for the printers and that doesn’t help. There aren’t any patches yet on HP’s site. I’ll just have to wait until they do. I did notice that everything is printing in draft, not high quality, but i just can’t change that setting. That is just great (unless I’m really running out of ink) for now. Not too great when housing season starts up in January and I have to use it for my other “work.”

  8. LOL, Daily, you call that technical? (I’m feeling like a big shot now)

    Max, I did that last year, went round and round with those guys. I’m not too worried about the printing sitch since it is printing everything in draft mode. That works great for me.
    Now I need to go see if Parallels works. Cross fingers for me.

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