Wrong and Wronger

What Blane did to my dog was wrong, wrong, wrong. Mireille was shedding and he’d had enough. Got out the shears and mowed her down. This was his first time, it’s obvious by the results, notice the unnatural looking square bald spots.

Poor Mireille.

I took her out for a walk with her new “do” and I could swear she was embarrassed when she saw other dogs at the park.

I had to fix this. Put some flair in it, make it look like it was done on purpose.

Leopard spots.

Now I think my dog looks cool. Bohemian.

Why is it that the kids won’t stop laughing? Why?

We’ll have to go out for another walk to the park this afternoon, wait a week, then see if anyone tries to copy Mireille’s style.


36 thoughts on “Wrong and Wronger

  1. Poor Mireille. She cam out kind of like that cake Blane made…

    She is better with the spots but she probably needs a coat now it is November she will get cold — especially at night playing in the bushes by the sprinkler.

  2. Don’t tell Mireille, I would hate to hurt her feelings, but looking at her I can’t stop thinking of Mel Gibson’s “The Signs”. Maybe if you painted those spots black she would look more like a Dalmatian mutt.

  3. Maria and Betty, I’m thinking I should buy Mireille a doggie shirt for dog park outings.

    LOL Max, the cake! It doesn’t usually get too cold here until January. She’ll have a nice new coat by then. If not, she’ll come back in when I call her and stay out of the sprinklers.
    One day she was out in the back and I thought she had gotten out. Kept calling and calling, no Mireille. Finally, I check under the banana tree and there she was, quiet, frozen, as if I still couldn’t see her.

    Soph, the girls think she looks dalmation-like.

  4. Now that is one real special designer cut!!! I often wondered what Coburn would look like if I turned him into a short haired German Shepherd. Always toyed with the idea during summer, but I know he would have refused to speak to me for a week if I had done it, so I’m left wondering. I’m glad I never did. Coburn was Coburn just as he was, in all his glory. Mireille looks cool and interesting with her “dalmation style”.

  5. Thanks Liv, I’ll tell her. : )

    I think in the summer their hair actually insulates them from the heat, so it’s not a great idea to groom them for that reason.

  6. That is the most awesome dog grooming mistake EVER!!! I am totally going out to buy a dog, just so I can do her hair like that. Oh wait, my baby’s allergic to dogs. Damn kids!!
    My husband’s family had a dog (R.I.P., Twinkie) that needed to be shaved every summer. And although they didn’t get as creative as Blaine, they still had to tell the dog how pretty she was for a whole day before she’d come out of her house. Girls…

  7. Ginny, it’s funny how dogs seem to know they have on new “clothes.”
    My neighbor’s dog was like that, wouldn’t come out of the house for days after a new groom.

    Blane didn’t do the leopard spots, he did the square mistakes in the first pic. LOL. I had to come back with the buzzer and do the spots.
    I’m damn proud of my dog, she was such a trooper during the entire process. Sat still the entire time. My other dog? She has a breakdown when she hears the clipper.
    I think I will go hide that thing while I’m thinking about it before Blane gets her too.

  8. My sincerest apologies for a) misspelling Blane’s name, and b) crediting him with your creativity. I haven’t been quite right since the head injury the other day…

  9. LOL, Ginny. (I hope that’s a joke about the head injury.)
    And stop being silly by apologizing, I really didn’t make that clear about me being the one to “ruin” the dog completely by overdoing the damage. He’s the one who doesn’t want the credit for that (he thinks she looks worse now).

  10. When my sister was about nine years old used to put make-up on her cat ” The Toad “.

    In turn ” The Toad ” bit so many people on our street that someone called animal control on him.

    So…I guess my point is- all these animals have is time to do is think.

  11. She’s as vain as Coburn was then? He LOVED getting on a nice clean bandana after his bath. (he was buried with the “bones” one you gave him) Waited for me to tell him he was a handsome boy, then “smiled”. I saw the most amasing dog on Wednesday at the carboot. (not for sale). He was a mix between a German Shepherd and an Irish wolfhound. Massive! And he was really beautiful, and friendly. Never seen one quite like it before.

  12. No. I’d love to, but it did tie me down having Coburn. He was not the sort of dog that was happy to be farmed off somewhere else while I took a holiday, didn’t even like to be fed by anyone else, so I’d even worry about him if I went out for the evening. He never wrecked the place or anything like that, he just seriously pined if he didn’t see me for a couple of hours. I know that another dog might be totally different, but ever since I was little I’ve been able to “connect” with dogs, so they quickly come to depend on me. And also, no dog could compare with Coburn. I feel very lonely without him, but I do have a freedom now that I hadn’t had for 12 and a half years. Even that is hard to get used to.

  13. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, you are going straight to jail for using ones dog for ones own amusement by embarassing ones dog to the point she will not venture outside due to constant taunting by other dogs – highlighted in Act 1, Section 5 of the Neglectful Pets Act 1952.

  14. Liv, I can understand that. My dogs go crazy with excitement when I come home after being gone for just a couple of hours. Like I’ve been gone for days.

    Max, that Dolph was a superstar dog! The camera loved him.

    LOL AJ.

    Hey Jen, good to see you around, girl. Even better to see ya smile. : )

  15. Kitty let us see her face . She looks very uptown.
    Liv, Coburn was a great looking dog. So sorry for your loss. We lost our Tobie (Girl) a couple of years ago at 11 and Sydney (boy) 14. in May. We adopted another one Grizzie (boy). They are nothing alike.

  16. vooDoo Child, how awful to have lost 2 so close together. Still missing Tobie, and then Sydney goes too! Admire you for taking in Grizzie, he’ll repay your kindness a 1000 fold I’m sure. When my son was younger we had hamsters, one after the other. I was so surprised by them. Totally different personalities. The first one a delicate girlie girl, the second a tough tomboy who used to love climbing up on Coburn’s head, then climb down his ear to swing on his long hair. She bossed him about, and he was so afraid to move in case he hurt her. Power is all in the mind.

  17. Liv. That is a great story. Too cute. We love Grizzie. He is an miniature Schnauzer, but not so mini. Tobie and Sydney were also mini Schnauzers. How old was Coburn?

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