Rodeo Days

One thing I love about Texas is the rodeo. Yeehaw! My dad grew up in Texas and was a rodeo rider when he was a young man. Cowboy down to the bone. He didn’t own a single pair of shoes. All he ever wore were boots. Sometimes he’d wear his gigantic cowboy hat to town, something I hated because it was so out of place in Cajun Country. Even worse sometimes he would wear his spurs. I’d cringe when he’d walk and I’d hear those things zing.

One time he took us to the Angola State Prison Rodeo. Scared me half to death. I’d never seen a prisoner before and they were everywhere. Not just bullriding and wrangling, but selling jewelry and other items they had hand-crafted.

I was certain one of them was hiding in our trunk or under the car and would jump out at us as soon as we got home.

Living in Texas, there are rodeos every weekend. Last night we went to a special one, the Texas Stampede at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. This is a three day rodeo which also has a concert event at the end of each evening.

Here’s some tie down roping.

Some trick wagon training.

And check out this little dude!

Okay that is so not a dude, that is Whiplash, a little monkey who rides a dog.

Check out these cool (and real) cowboy names we saw last night:

Blair Burk

Cody Wright

Colter Todd

Josh Peek

Trent Creager

Joseph Parsons

Sounds like a cowboy movie, doesn’t it?


17 thoughts on “Rodeo Days

  1. Well you will probably want to kill me Michele, Daughtry was playing and no, we did not stay for the concert. We had too many people with us and most wanted to go home. I wanted to, you know me, but I wasn’t driving.

  2. That monkey is hilarious. I saw that vid on YouTube a couple of months ago, but I never realized it was real until you mentioned him. You got to promise that when I visit you, we go to the rodeo and watch those cowboys doing their thing under the music effect of some good ol’ country music. Yeehaw, cowgirl!

  3. We went to a massive rodeo in Forth Worth when we lived there. It was HUGE!
    I totally loved it. The atmopshere were fantastic, and it had everything going on there, ending up with they letting all the kids in the audience come down and try to wresle a whole bunch of calves to the ground. Wouldn’t be legal over here. (health & safety laws)

  4. Sophia, last night they played a lot of rock music clips. Ozzy, Pink Floyd, just to name a couple. I don’t remember hearing any country music there. I bet if you come here you leave with a Stetson and a pair of boots.

    Michele, if Clay would have been playing I would have stayed even if I had to hitch a ride home.

    Betty, no rodeos in your part of the country?

    Liv, I’d love to go to the rodeo in Fort Worth. Is that at the Stockyards?

  5. Yes, that’s where it was. Got tons of pictures of it. You should go! Afterwards we went to Billy Bob’s. How Texan was that day?!!!!

  6. My sister in law and her family all live and work on Angola. They all had to work every weekend in October because of the Rodeo.

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