A Little More Rodeo

Just wanted to show you a couple more photos from the rodeo.


Ropers these days use neon colored rope. Not sure if this is just for the shows or if all lasso rope comes in colors.


This is a photo from the end of the show when they got all the cowboys and cowgirls to march out and take a bow. I’m not sure why the ones facing us weren’t lit up, but I like the way it looks when zoomed in.


Is that cool or hhwhhhat? (Lots of Texans pronounce their “w” with an “h” in front)


9 thoughts on “A Little More Rodeo

  1. Thanks to you, Kit, I can’t stop humming “I’m a poor lonesome cowboy…”. And since we’re talking cowboys here, I would like to ask you a very serious question: those rumors about cowboys… are they true?

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