Cinemagypsy Must Be Destroyed

Eventually, I suppose, that is what’s going to happen. Bloggers drop out like flies after just a few posts, some last a year, some a little longer. Few go on for years.

I never thought mine would last this long. At first, it was an uncomfortable thing, putting up things about my personal life for anyone to find. I knew people would judge me, my family. My writing. That’s what people do.

These days, I don’t even think about that anymore.

So many people out there say, “My life is not interesting enough to blog about,” when I encourage them to start one. I don’t believe this. Everyone’s life is interesting. Not every second of it, certainly not mine. Cut to the good part and share. Or the bad part. You don’t have to write just about your life, you could write about something you saw. The lives of people you know. Teach somebody out there something.

I try to stick to my own life here because friends and relatives read to keep in touch. Most of them have never left a comment, perhaps they are afraid they, too, will be judged. I get a lot of emails from them, and that’s cool. (Keep them coming)

Now for something interesting.

Tonight, Tonight. We are taking the girls to see a Smashing Pumpkins concert. It’s a show that was supposed to take place on Nov. 3rd but was rescheduled. It’s their last concert on this tour and I’ve read the Pumpkins do some special things at their final shows. We’re excited about it, have had the tickets for months. Either Spanky or I will tell you all about it in the next few days.

If I outgrow and decide to destroy this blog one day, there will be plenty of notice. It won’t be any time soon.


21 thoughts on “Cinemagypsy Must Be Destroyed

  1. Hey, don’t you dare destroy it!!!!! It took me a while to “be brave” enough to comment. I somehow felt that personal things I said you would make me feel sort of exposed if I wrote it there where the world could read it. One of my worst fears is to be famous. Can’t imagine many things much worse than that. Thankfully that’s most unlikely to happen. But, I dipped my toes in the water, and it was warm. My fellow commentators feel like “friends” almost. I look forward to your new entries. They’re entertaining and informative. I’m quite opinionated, and your blog gives me an outlet. It also lets me “chat” to you about things we wouldn’t normally talk about in a phone call. So, keep blogging my friend!

  2. Thanks Michele. Sorry, I meant for the title to be funny.

    Liv, glad you feel amongst friends here, that is exactly how I want it to be.

    Hey Penguin, that’s the plan, keep going until it’s not fun anymore.

  3. You know, for a moment you made me put my hopes up and then BAM! you’re still alive and kicking and I’m thinking “Damn, there goes another chance”. Okay, this is only a joke. I feel almost like Liv. This is a place I can come and meet “friends”, it’s also a way to keep in touch with you, maybe read into you a little bit more and if you really piss me off (most unlikely) I can always get back to you by tp’ing your beautiful blog till I drive you insane. Keep blogging, Kit, you make people smile.

  4. LOL. Thanks Sophia, you make people smile, too. More than you’ll ever know.
    I have had so many people ask me, “Who is that Sophia? I really like her.”
    Your butterflies comment was amazing and people still talk about that.

  5. You know, that post was my very first post on your blog, so it’s kind of special to me. What can I say? If you can put a smile on someone’s face, then you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s earth 🙂

  6. Holy fuck, I visit this blog for the first time in yonks (I haven’t been visiting ANY blogs since way before Hawaii) and this is what I find? Yow!

    Glad it was a false alarm.

    AND — tag, you’re it!

  7. I second Pooks, ” Holy fuck” You can’t leave. You and Max are the only blogs I read sometimes. OK lately it’s most of the time.

  8. Great to see you around these parts again, Pooks.
    That sounds like a fun one, I’ll do it.

    Jen, thanks for reading. I’m not out of ideas just yet, so you’ll have to put up with me for a while longer. Are you going to do Holidailies again this year?

  9. I second/third/fourth the notion made by your fans above: keep writing ’til you’re outta schtuff to write about. All of our lives are interesting in their own ways. The blog thing is just a way to give people a small window ledge to lean in and take a peek now and then.

  10. I’ve had several blogs off and on – quit when I wasn’t enjoying it any more and started back up when I felt like it again. People get too serious about blogging I think.

  11. Another thing I like about your blog, great as it is, is the way it’s not just a window ledge to take a peek into your life (to pinch a quote from “dailytri”) I love it when it branches off into other subjects by the commentators. The whole thing takes on a life on it’s own.

  12. Well, you got me with the headline, Kit. Good one. As my neighbor would say, “I crapped a brick.” But, you didn’t get me one bit with the second one… “We are taking the girls to see a Smashing Pumpkins concert.” . Yeah right. I know exactly who wants to go to the show. Putting it on the kids. Sheesh. Ya gotta do better than that. Enjoy the concert.

  13. Hey Kitty. I was just saying, so she finally gonna shut up. I kid. I need to learn to do this blog thing here. No, really it is an interesting read. Are you going to do Holidailies?

  14. Daily, it’s like talking over the fence, I see it that way too. A place where you can choose your neighbors.

    Betty, some people are making a living off blogging, don’t know how, but my husband keeps asking when I’m going to turn a profit. LOL.

    Liv, I like that too, the bunny trails. Some bloggers don’t like it, but it’s totally permitted here. Reflects the chaotic and disorganized state of my own life just perfectly.

    Brut, I stole most of the title from a song in which a death metal band makes fun of itself. The kids do like the Pumpkins, but you’re right, this was a much older crowd than we are used to and for a change, my girls were the ones feeling a little out of place.

    Voodoo, yeah, I’d like to do Holidailies again. If you’re interested, I’ll send you an invite when I get mine.

  15. Hey Kitty, I guess it’s about time to start charging to read your blog. No one wants you to stop the blog. Just look how much money you would make. Or right a book and we most likly buy it too. Or just call me stupid. Ha, Ha.

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