The Christmas party invitations are beginning to roll in faster than I can say “Ho ho ho.” Here’s an interesting one my friend is having. It’s in it’s fourth year and is so popular, people invite themselves to it. It’s a cookie contest and exchange and I’ll be one of the judges this year. Here are the details:

Please bring at LEAST 4 dozen cookies (1.5 dozen for eating during the party, the other 2.5 for others to take home). Please only make ONE kind of cookie, so you can claim it as yours.

OH YES, there will be cookie contest again this year. Here are the rules:

1) NO store bought or slice and bake cookies.

2) Bring 15 copies of the recipe you used to make your cookies to share with others.

3) Bring them all in a container (or two) that will allow you to bring home 20 or more cookies that others have made.

4) You can not repeat a cookie from last year’s contest (but Year 1 or 2 cookies may return).

5) No TEAMING UP unless you submit only one cookie to the competition.

6) Give your cookie a name (but it cannot be yours). This is so the judging is fair.

7) If your cookie contains nuts or peanut butter, please mark it as so because of those with food allergies.

This year’s voting categories are: Best Tasting, Most Christmas Looking, Prettiest, Most Professional Looking, Most Non-Cookie Looking Cookie.

We will serve finger foods, sodas and COOKIES! Kids can play outside in the Bounce House if the weather permits.

My friend also sent out an email with a link to a mountain of cookie recipes.


7 thoughts on “Cookies!

  1. WOW. I got a stack load of Norwegian recipes for tasty cookies. Sounds like a real fun party. Will you still be baking when you’re a judge? That is such a great party idea!!!! You must tell us all about it when you’ve been.

  2. My boss used to have this same party at her house for years. I never went because – um – I do not bake. Started going when she said no need to bake – just come & drink. Later, she dropped the cookies – it is now “just come and drink.”

    But if one does bake, it is a great idea.

  3. “Most Non-Cookie Looking Cookie” LOL!! Well, if I were there and entered the comp, that would be the category I would like to enter my cookies for.

    Hey, do judges get to taste all entries before they make up their minds? You lucky thing, you. Do you need an assistant? I’d be more than happy to oblige, you know. 😉

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