One Number For A Lifetime

In this post I wrote about a couple of neat internet phone things that were newish. There wasn’t much to say about Grand Central at the time since I was on a waiting list for a number.

Since then, I’ve gotten an email invitation to go get my number.

The way Grand Central is supposed to be used is they give you a free phone number which you can use for the rest of your life. When anyone calls this number, it rings whatever phone you have it set to ring. This could be useful for people who move around a lot, people who use prepaid mobile and get new numbers often… There are all sorts of possibilities.

I used it for something else. I got a phone number that is local to the town where my mother lives. Now she or anyone from my hometown can call me toll-free. It works great, sounds like a regular call and is easy. The only time a computer is needed is to request the number and set it up to ring your mobile or landline. On my mom’s end, all she has to do is dial that local number.

Since my mobile doesn’t work in Europe, I buy prepaid cellular while there. I usually visit more than one country each time, so I find myself buying a lot of sim cards and having to forward the new phone numbers…long story short, I am within reach, but at what number?

I’ll have to see if this thing works internationally.


8 thoughts on “One Number For A Lifetime

  1. LOL. Lemme ‘splain, dude. My mom can’t make long distance calls from her house phone. She had long distance blocked because some certain people were going to her house and making long distance calls from her phone. People do that. She can’t afford it.

    She could not call me because it would be a long distance call.

    So, from, I was able to choose a phone number that is local to any town in America. I chose one in her town, same area code and prefix as her home number.

    I could have a New York phone number if I wanted to pretend I have an art gallery there.

    I could chose a Hollywood phone number if I wanted to pretend I am a movie producer.

  2. You can get any number in the country for free. An international number would cost you something.

    You may want to get on the waiting list now to get a number. I waited about a month to get mine.

  3. VooDoo, yeah, my mom would have to get one and assign it to ring my aunt’s number and everyone from town could call her for free.
    For mom to call you, you would have to get a local number in my aunt’s hometown.

    You might want to look into Jaxter, also.

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