Jammin In My Jammies

Tonight we have a Christmas party to go to at good friend’s house. I used to be such a party maniac. Never missed an event. If someone went through the effort to arrange a gathering and was kind enough to extend an invite my way, I was there. Right now, I just don’t feel like getting all dolled up. It’ll be great once I’m there, but right now, I have the “don’t wants.”

I haven’t become agoraphobic, I love people. It’s just that tonight I feel like chillin in my jammies. I never used to hang out all day in my pajamas and I used to think people who did that were strange. Now I am one of them. I have even gone to the store in my pajama pants in the last year. My kid was sick and she needed her medicine stat.

No one even gave me a second look when I did that. Thing is, I see a lot of people out in stores wearing pajama pants. It’s not just me, dude. A couple of years ago the schools had to crackdown on the dress code. Kids were wearing their pajamas to school.

Would you dare been seen in public in your jammies?



23 thoughts on “Jammin In My Jammies

  1. A big, fat NO!! Wish I had the guts, but I’d probably get myself locked up. Hell, who am I kidding? I don’t even go to the store without my lipstick. Anything else ok, but never without my lippy.

  2. LOL I’ve taken the trash out or run down to my car n pj bottoms but never further than that…. When I get stay at the hospital with zach I do wind up wearing them to the gift shop and the starbucks next door!

  3. Liv, I go all over without makeup. Not to work of course. Wait. I’m lying. Come to think of it, one time I did actually show a house to a friend of mine in my pajamas. I made her swear on a stack of Bibles to never tell a soul and then the house was vacant. We laughed our asses off.

    Jen, seriously, to Starbucks? That’s cool.

  4. I have gone to the 7-eleven in my PJ Pants at 9pm on a Friday night for a frozen cheesecake. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

  5. I am sure I’ve gone in my pajama pants before. Occasionally I will go out to the car, across the parking lot of my apartment, in my nightgown. I know it’s ridiculous, and a few times I’ve actually had a neighbor come home or walk out to his car to see me in my nighty. yikes!

  6. Julie, I have been out to the mailbox in my nightgown. I usually look around first to make sure the coast is clear. If it’s pajama pants, I don’t care who’s out there, but the gown, yeah, I haven’t been caught yet.

  7. Kitty, of course you can go anywhere without make up. God first gave you his very best bone structure, then he put all the most beautiful bits on top.

    Although I did once go out with full make up on one eye, forgot the other eye as I was interupted. Couple of hour in, I went to the ladies and as I washed my hands, looked up and burst out laughing. (I’d had a couple of drinks by then)

  8. In my yard. On the other had I buy nicer jammies and under ware than street clothes. maybe I could wear them out of the yard.

  9. LOL, Max, I was about to threaten to go find that post. I thought of it the minute Julie mentioned “nightgown.”

    Voodoo, I tend to splurge on jammies, too.

    Nice one, Boz! LOL.

    No way, huh Michele? Not even in the yard?

    Liv, that is hilarious. I know you wear blue eyeshadow, so it must have been totally obvious you missed an eye.

    Finicky, you have totally given away your age range. Here is what I noticed since writing this post. People 25 and under have no problem wearing pajamas in public. I saw them out while Christmas shopping today.
    Last night, my 17 year old daughter had a bunch of her friends here for a sleepover. When they woke up this morning they all left in their pj pants and jackets to go to Fivebucks then to visit another friend.

  10. If I lit myself on fire and ran around in circles I doubt if I’d get noticed.

    So the chances are that anyone noticing me in a big t-shirt and my homemade board shorts ( I always use prints with a kitchen theme for those…don’t ask why ) is like less then zero.

  11. Kym! LOL.

    Anita Marie, that’s what we hope, not to get noticed. Blane says he went into Blockbuster a couple of nights ago in his Sock Monkey pajama pants and got the look of horror from some woman in the store.

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