Give The Kid A Book Deal Already

I don’t usually click on a comment or blog post because of an avatar. Lately I’ve been seeing one around WordPress’ front page that looks so much like Spanky that I had to go see.

The expression on her face, I can’t tell if she is laughing or mock crying or what. Spanky makes that same face all the time, especially when she’s laughing.

Long story short, it is one of the most amazing blogs I’ve ever read. Yep, evah. She’s articulate and hilarious, no matter what she’s talking about, from Nabokov to Mighty Mouse. She’s a young freelance writer who would love to quit her day job. Go see and have some laughs while you learn something new:


Bookmark it. Blogroll it.

All I can think is, somebody, give this kid a book deal already.


6 thoughts on “Give The Kid A Book Deal Already

  1. “I can’t blog anymore.” — not with this pesky full time job, anyway . . . Drat: the working hours!

    Thanks for the recommendation. . . . looking forward to the inspiration.

  2. kitty

    thanks so much for the post! it made my day and i can’t tell you how much i appreciate it. no book deal quite yet, but i’ll keep writing as long as someone out there is reading.

    i enjoyed surfing around your blog, too, and have added you to my RSS feed — i’ll be back to visit.


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