Gerard Way OR Jared Leto?

Tonight we are taking the girls to a concert at the Nokia. Last time we were there we were waiting for the Pumpkins to come onstage and the girls were arguing over who was better looking, Gerard Way or Jared Leto. I broke the tie with my vote for Way.

Then Blane chimed in and said, “Oh, Leto is much better looking than Gerard Way, that’s a no-brainer…” And then the disclaimer, “Not that I’m gay or anything.”

Guys and their gay disclaimers.

Anyway, we’re back to a tie. So who’s better looking?

Jared Leto?


Gerard Way?


93 thoughts on “Gerard Way OR Jared Leto?

  1. We will only consider looks.
    No consideration whatsoever should be paid to who sings better, who has a cuter little brother in their band or anything other than looks.

    This is meant to be a shallow quiz. The winner will get first dibs at being in my movie.

  2. I have googled their images, and eyes, dimpeled chin, cheekbones and lips makes Jared the clear winner. Plus, he seems to have something about him……

  3. Just had a look. I’m afraid I’m with Blane on this, Jared is miles ahead. Difference between nice looking and drop dead gorgeous. You could drown in Jared’s eyes, and melt in the smile.

  4. Liv, I just read your comment to Blane. He says Gerard is a mud puppy made up to look good whereas Jared has a refined look.
    So that puts you in Sweetpea and Blane’s camp.

  5. I’m proud to join the good taste camp!!!!
    Blane says it as it is. As well as the refined look, Jared has that something special about him. Magnetisem.(can’t spell tonight)

  6. Just want to make sure no one mistakenly votes for Jared when they mean Gerard. LOL.

    I’m thinking of that old Peter Framptom song, “Show Me the Way.”

    Pssst. Way. People. Way.

  7. Michele, really? I would not have thought.

    Liv, so glad that student left and you finally have some time off. Go out to that French bakery and have some delightful pastries for me.

  8. I will do that, and think of you. I need some comfort time, and pigging out is allowed this time of year. (any time really) It’s so bloody cold at the moment. Barely 5 degrees daytime, and between 0 and 2 at night. Should warm up a bit in a weeks time.

  9. Gerard Way is far hotter! A face of an angel, amazingly brilliant eye color and an ass that… wait, is this just a face contest? Ok, let me get back to that…. Gee is beautiful! Mud puppy? Blane you are wrong!!!!! Just jealous, yeah that’s it, you’re just jealous! Cute as a puppy, yeah I can see that.

    Gerard Way is as cute as a puppy. A really adorable puppy. Gee wins!

  10. Cute as a puppy, that’s right, Saved. That must be what he meant.

    If Blane was jealous, he’d be jealous of Gerard, because that’s the one I like. So Liv, I’ll just change your vote to Gerard, right?

  11. I’m still winning that “war” too!!!!!!
    You touch that vote and there’ll be trouble…………… Blane’s vote has nothing to do with with being jealous, that’s why his vote is true and honest. He’s got a good eye for good looks, he married you didn’t he? Hand in the air, girl.

  12. I have to chime in. No jealousy here, missing that component. Gee-rard and Leto are both puppies, one just having better breeding. You know it whether looking at pup’s or people, it’s just one of those obvious things… Hey, they both rock! Don’t get me laughing on Sting-vs-Stewart, that’s a chimp-vs-elf kind of thing :`)

  13. Rules change to accommodate Max’s opinion.

    If Max says koala is spelled kowala, then I say that’s an improvement, it should have been spelled that way all along.

    Okay Liv, you are squarely in Jared’s corner and not budging. I’ll count the votes at the end of December.

  14. Saved, you could round up some votes from your blog. But that would probably be unfair.

    Liv, Leto is winning, but he has not won. Hold off on the ticker tape for a little while longer.

  15. Cheating isn’t right. I could put in the email addresses and names of everyone I know in the vote for Jared, but I won’t. Not yet……………………ha ha.

  16. Not necessarily. While stand alone ip addresses are more and more common, the old dial up connections used revolving ip addresses they would not all match.

    Wait, I am giving hints to the enemy right?

    Um. Ooops.

  17. Oh wow, so banning ip addresses of people who leave nasty comments won’t keep them off the blog, then?
    Not that I want to keep anyone off, I just want to keep them from leaving unmoderated comments.
    I have my settings to where someone who has previously left a comment may in the future leave a comment without approval.
    I wonder what data WordPress is using to ID them? Do you know, Max?

  18. Pimarily wordpress logon info. That is why, if you are approved on a WordPress blog after a first moderated post, but come in under another wordpress membership or not logged in, the site will hold the comment for moderation.

    You can block people using ip, email, and url — it can still miss though because someone can log in using a different name, different email, url, and a computer with a different ip or with a revolving ip. The ip alone will not do it. You also run into group ip numbers at times where, if you block one ip, you end up blocking a lot of people all at once. That used to be a big problem with revolving ip’s where, if you blocked someone’s ip range, you ended up blocking half of aol or something. They are generally more concise these days now.

  19. They both have their special something. Leto is more ‘pretty boy’ no falws, goodlooking. Way is just…, in that …wow way, lol.

    ah, i dont think I’m helping.

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  21. Hey Anita, you must have gotten Bob in Max’s quiz. I thought I’d get him too since I tend to be shy.

    LOL. you have some pain to dish out?

    Liv, I’ll email you the story after the handsome contest is over.

    For MCR fans, go over to Max’s blog and take her quiz.

  22. Well I think they’re both good looking guys. But jared looks liek a hobo in that picture. Like in the video for the kill he loosk awesome. But Gerard would look great all around if only he brushed hair a lil more…lol

  23. “jared looks liek a hobo in that picture”

    LOL, Mal, that’s the best photo I could find of Jared on the web. Same with Gerard.

    I looked for some soaking wet sweaty haired concert photos of them because they both look gorgeous like that, but I couldn’t find any good ones.

    Only five days left to vote.

  24. “Leto seems to be losing his looks, ”

    He’s not. I’ve seen him up close, in person. Sweetpea did too. She still thinks he’s hot.

    Gerard’s still cuter.

  25. I think this is a case of Jared being more handsome, and Gerard being more attractive. Jared wins the “Better looking” award, but sometimes people are too pretty.

  26. Thanks for voting everyone.

    For Leto: Liv, Ruth, Michele, Penguin, Chyah, and John.

    For Way: Diesel, Max, Saved, ASC, AJ, Peach, and vanesa.

    Vanesa, you broke the tie at the last minute.

    Way wins.

  27. No Liv, Blane and Sweetpea voted for Leto.
    Spanky and I voted for Way.

    Okay, I will throw those votes in.

    For Leto: Blane, Sweetpea, Liv, Ruth, Michele, Penguin, Chyah, and John.

    For Way: Kitty, Spanky, Diesel, Max, Saved, ASC, AJ, Peach, and vanesa.

    Way still wins.

  28. Yeah, I need to close this post to comments. It was only meant to last until the end of 2007.

    Okay, comments are officially closed, but if you really really really want to declare your love and admiration for Way or Leto, send me an email and I’ll add your comment.

  29. Is this shallow comp still going??


    That’s another 51 for Jared…. 🙂 Mmmm can’t talk now……dreaming of the most good looking one…. Mmmmmmmmm

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