Fight Fantasies

Last night Blane and I went to the HDNet Fights, Reckless Abandon in Dallas. I didn’t realize it would be broadcast live (stupid me). I should have dressed better. Don’t laugh, it’s true, I should have because of where I was sitting. Let me put it this way. We were at ringside, like, where Mark Cuban gets to sit. In front of the press section. If you know me, you know this is how I often find myself, in the right place, at the right time, with one little thing that is wrong.

With my camera, yeah.

This is not a report of the fights. I’m not a reporter and I don’t know jack about MMA. That’s what will make this fun.

I don’t know who the famous people are. I walk over to this area where they’re doing television interviews, snap off some pics of Shamrock and Cuban. I don’t have the nerve to take pics of Cuban while he is sitting near me. And yes, I fantasize about handing him my script and yours, but no, I do not. Could not. Would not.

So, by where they are doing interviews, I go take some photos. I can’t believe the access I have, cuss myself silly for having so little skill with my SLR…

Right next to me? Randy Couture (aka Captain America, The Natural). The most famous, most well-liked fighter in the history of MMA. I’m not star struck because I have no idea who he is. I have him all to myself and we’re talking like he is the guy next door. There is no one else around. He has a look on his face sort of like, you’re so cute when you don’t know who I am. Not cocky, no, he’s sweet and humble, shy like me, and we both know it. But I could feel these vibes, like, {{{you should be taking photos of me}}}.

Finally Blane comes around and says, “Kitty, get a picture of me with my hero, Randy Couture!” Captain America gives me a knowing look. I laugh. He laughs.

I had to crop Blane out of the photo, he does not want his pic on the blog, sorry.

I’ll tell you some more cool things tomorrow, Blane wants me to go watch a movie.


10 thoughts on “Fight Fantasies

  1. I just knew fame would land right by you one of these day. Like you I’ve no idea who these people are, but this Randy bloke looks like a nice enough chap. Email me the picture with Blane included. Bet he’s real happy!!

  2. Oh Kitty, just saw that photo of you talking to Mark Cuban. He looked as if he was quite taken with you!!! You should post it on your blog.

  3. Kitty, you have to know HOW to hand him your script. Here’s a little trick to use…

    You carry your script in an envelope that looks as though it’s been passed around a little (they don’t take care of our babies the way we do) and when you see a producer you want to get your script to (in this case we’ll say Mark Cuban) you just go up to them… look like you are in a hurry… and hand them the script and say “Excuse me Mr. Cuban, I think you dropped this.” and get the hell out of there before they can say it wasn’t theirs.

    Have a generic release form signed and stuck in with the script.

    Yes, it actually sometimes works. I know of several scripts that sold by that method. Don’t do it often, but every once in a while, to someone you normally couldn’t get to, it’s worth it. The downside is you actually have to be carrying your script…

  4. Liv, no way, man. That pic clearly shows my button popped off my shirt and.. oh, disaster.
    I so burnt my 15 minutes.

    Michele, you ever hear “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”? It’s that kinda thing.

    Anita, I’ll write more about them tonight.

    Saved, that’s a hilarious method.

    Finicky, you’re just teasing, right? Hey, you know what? I have a pic of Chuck Norris from another fight. Now, if you can go a month without using any smileys here, I will give you this photo.

  5. It’s already on the internet. So why not? You look bloody gorgeous in it, so don’t be coy!! Accidental button, my foot!!!! If you got it, flaunt it somebody once said. Was it you?
    Chuck Norris, I do know who that is, grasshoppa. He looks like a bleeding Norris.

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