Bad (Guys, Guys, Guys)

One of my favorite parts of the HDNet Fights is what a girl like me just calls the “runway.”

That’s when the fighter comes out and is introduced. It’s dramatic, there’s music, the fighter poses and shows off his “attitude.”

Some dudes go with the traditional badass look:

Others do something that goes way deep traditional, like this one in the kilt:

And then there’s “Mahem.” Jason “Mayhem” Miller:

No one works that catwalk like he does.

Now you girls might not think fighters are hot. Their faces are full of scars, noses always broken… But hey, look at this guy, Nissen Osterneck:

Not too shabby.

Here’s my favorite part of all. It’s the part between the runway and the cage. Right before the official pats the fighter down.

Right here:

Oh yeah. Take it off.

Hang on. I want to be totally fair here. There’s something for the guys, too:

Not your typical ringside strutting in the bikini babe, huh?

That’s what I like about the HDNet Fights. Less sexploitation of women.


11 thoughts on “Bad (Guys, Guys, Guys)

  1. That’s right. Times are a changing. Finally.

    I do love the physique of a fighter. Rock stars tend to be a bit strung out looking and like my friend Zee says, “They’re dirty.”

  2. I think I’m seeing a side of Kitteh that I haven’t seen before. And yeah, rockers are typically dirty. Think Sting without showers and deorderant. Mick Jagger and Keith Woods (ick). Janis Joplin and the chick who was married to the Nirvana singer who killed himself (I’m bad with names), but yeah the thought of her alone would keep me away from rockers…far away.

  3. Liv, a lot of them are hot until they strip off those leather pants. Of course I’m doing a lot of guessing here.

    Daily, I don’t mean dirty like that. The thing is, they have a rep for sleeping with anything and doing lots of drugs. Wouldn’t want to catch what they got.

    As for fighters, they’re always in the gym, are disciplined, and maybe they don’t sleep around as much (don’t women weaken legs?).

    One thing they both have in common. Lots of Tats.

  4. In my younger days I met a few rockers. ( got to know some better than others) Most of them were real nice, and clean. And the ones I got to know real well, their bodies were well up to standard. Of course I’m not hanging out with rockers these days, so I don’t really know what they’re like now.

  5. I don’t really know about rockers either, Liv.

    I do hang out with a lot of jiu jitsu fighters (via both Blanes, they study it). They are clean living guys.

    Of course music men have an entirely different charm going on. I like them lots, but for totally different reasons.

  6. I can see why the fighters may charm you more. The music men don’t always stip off every time they go to work. But music men will dedicate and write songs for you, play for you and look at you while they’re working. I like that……….a lot.

  7. Oh, I would much rather look at people than have them look at me. Any day.

    If I was single and had the choice between the two, I’d date an athlete before I’d date a rock star. That is assuming they are both smart.
    Smart comes first.

  8. Well, if you were going out with the guy, you’d be happy he’s looking at you and not any other girls. I think a professional athlete would be too focused on himself to have much spare time to entertain me. Anyway, you’re married and I don’t wanna be, so we’re well out of the loop for any of them.

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