When I was in nursing school, the instructors hauled us all down to the police station to get finger printed. Every one of us. They said we couldn’t graduate unless the police had our prints on file. I did it, but never liked the fact that my prints are in some archive when I have done nothing wrong. That was in Louisiana.

This year, I have to go get printed again for the State of Texas if I want to renew my nursing license. This is a new requirement for this state. I could go inactive and skip the entire humiliating process.

But wait.

If I want to renew my Texas real estate license, I’d need to get printed. Also a new requirement.

So I have to go get printed twice before the end of the month because both my nursing license and real estate license expire at the same time. I’ll just have to make damn sure I wear gloves when I go on a crime spree.

Why must these hands which have done so much healing be dunked in the same ink as those which have taken lives?


13 thoughts on “Humiliating

  1. Don’t they use the scanners down in Texas? When I was fingerpritned for my job at the courthouse, a little machine just scanned my prints. No ink, no mess!

  2. I don’t know, I haven’t done it yet. That would take the bite out of it.
    Thanks for telling me about this. My last fingerprinting experience was awful. The policeman was teasing us, dramatizing the ordeal… Sort of funny now, but my fingers were shaking the whole time because of all the egging I’d done as a teen. I just knew some eggshell in some evidence room would keep me from graduating.

  3. There you go, your crimes will always catch you up! I was fingerprinted in Texas when I got my drivers license. I didn’t mind, (no criminal past)although it felt a bit extreme. All my life I’ve watch criminals getting fingerprinted on tv, and here I was, having passed my test with an armed Texas ranger, and this was my reward???!! Being treated like a criminal?? Still, I knew that this was something I woulden’t otherwise have experienced, so I didn’t mind. I find it crazy that they fingerprint you for nursing, and even crazier for selling houses. What happened to the land of the free? They don’t do any of that here, but the politicians are forever trying to introduse ID cards and even thought about taking DNA of school kids, or even of all babies born. Why? So they have everybody’s DNA etc, except the terrorists’. That’s helpful.

  4. Well, we are living in the post-911. If the authorities tell us to do something, we are ought to do just that. Sure, it’s not fair but there is nothing we can do about it.

  5. Liv, I was surprised to learn Europeans do not have photo IDs. The driver’s license thing is just a thumbprint and I never liked that either.

    Neoauteur, 9-11 was not the first terrorist attack, the Oklahoma City bombing was pretty bad and we didn’t have to roll over and give up rights to privacy after that happened. I suppose lots of people would argue that we should have.
    I would disagree with any invasion of privacy.

    Anita, I’d have a fit if anyone asked for my dna.

  6. Europeans do have ID, not the British. The thing with DNA, it’s too damned easy to obtain. Just rip a hair off sombody. Therefore it can be planted anywhere, by anyone. George Orwell didn’t know how right he was. In this country you can’t go anywhere without being captured by cameras. This small country has more CCTV than the whole of Europe put together.

  7. Yeah. CCTV. I noticed that. Last summer we were at a hotel in London at the street level. There was no air conditioner so we had to keep the window open. I griped to the reception that we were three girls in a room and anyone from the street could just walk right into the room.
    They said, “Oh, that would never happen. There are CCTVs everywhere.”
    I said, “Oh great, then you all can watch us get murdered in our sleep.”

  8. Michele, what would be different about it, besides issued by the fed instead of the state?
    Doesn’t every state have photo IDs? In England, their driver’s license doesn’t have a photo. I think they are fighting the photo part. Also they do not have to carry an ID on them at all times as we do.

  9. The newer licenses are like the American, but mine is just a piece of folded up pink paper. Never carry it with me, in fact I’m not sure where it is. Last saw it about 4 – 5 years ago. It excists, that’s all they need to know.

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