Watch This *bleep*ing Thing

Spanky showed me this Youtube video, “Count the FCC violations.”

It’s hilarious, go watch.

I am back on my exercise routine starting today after a five month hiatus.

For every person who leaves a comment on this post in the next six hours I will dedicate a quarter mile on the treadmill or bike to you.

Go ahead, make me sweat until I puke.

I dedicate the first mile to Max because of this post.


14 thoughts on “Watch This *bleep*ing Thing

  1. Okay. The Count just shouldn’t be violated this way? I mean, I know he’s always been a bit weird. A bit strange living up in that castle of his obsessed with numbers but we all have our things. And he’s just not a dirty kind of guy. Sure, he has cute bat friends and he’s a loner but does that automatically make him a bit of a pervo? I don’t think so.

    I am mildly horrified.

    I’m sure I”ll survive. Especially if I get to inspire some exercise for you Mizz Kitty? Sweat away beautiful. Glowing can only make you more lovely (wink).

  2. Kym: Done

    Kym: Done

    Yes you may post twice.

    Sulya: Done.

    Those were all walking miles on the treadmill plus one mile with the dogs outside.

    Sulya, The Count was not cussing. He was talking about walking. Wasn’t he?
    “When I’m alone I walk myself.”
    What were you thinking you dirty girl?

  3. I did two on the treadmill and one with the dogs. I rode the bike for about 40 minutes. Not sure how many miles, but I made sure I got my heart rate to the desired bpm and maintained that for 20 minutes.

    I’m not as out of shape as I thought. I couldn’t walk as fast as I did months ago, but it was a great workout and I’m not hurting today.

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